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Synonyms for conjunctive

an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences

serving or tending to connect


involving the joint activity of two or more

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Compared with traditional conjunctive keyword search, our scheme is based on CP-ABE.
Given the growing problems of groundwater depletion in some areas and waterlogging and salinization in others, there is a big opportunity to adopt active conjunctive planning and management of surface water and groundwater, the report said adding while this needs to be coordinated at the provincial level, planning and implementation should happen at the district level.
Lee, "Public key encryption with conjunctive keyword search and its extension to a multi-user system," Lect.
The interdependence among clauses is usually signalled by conjunctions (Eggins, 2004; Thompson, 2004) which in this study are referred to as conjunctive forms or elements.
In the choroid, a layer which is rich in blood vessels, loose conjunctive tissue and collagen fibers, was observed, besides pigmentary cells full of melanin in its interior, which result in its layer's dark color (Fig.
Berardi's distinction between the connective and the conjunctive allows us to approach the notion of "condividuality," one of the key concepts of Dividuum, from a perspective that Raunig does not fully explore.
However, none of the schemes [4-6, 24] support conjunctive keyword search.
Conjunctive water management in the RechnaDoab: An overview of resources and issues.
Now notice what happens if you replace that semicolon and conjunctive phrasing at the end of "a" in the Business Auto form with a simple period.
The average time spent to irrigate one acre by a well only" was 1 to 3 hours whereas by conjunctive use with canal water it takes 20 minutes to 1.5 hours.
* join independent clauses with a semicolon and, if desired, a conjunctive adverb; and
The histological cuts were examined and stained in hematoxylin and eosin, revealing lymphatic vessels of great diameter distributed in a conjunctive tissue poorly organized.
Gumul (2006) noted an increase in conjunctive devices in the work of interpreters between English and Polish, as did Becher (2011) in a corpus study of English to German translations.