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Synonyms for conjunctional

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

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fsQCA, founded on logical condition sets, builds up multi-element causal paths towards multiple conjunctional causations that a variable functions (Lisboa et al, 2016).
fsQCA, by design, is concerned with entire configurations of such conditions and their conjunctional impact, and not the net effects of individual variables (Ragin, 1987).
However, this overlooks that the humanitarian tragedy of the migrants in transit is also the result of other factors, some structural, others conjunctional, that have nothing to do with the supposed securitization nor with the state.
For example, in this analysis, the canonical lyric poem, which compared to the other literary genres is a reflex of centroidal time, is stylistically organic, comedic, logical, synecdochic, rhymed, stanzaic, chiastic, copular, conjunctional, phrasal, adjectival, copular, modifying, present tense, ist person, imperfective, subjunctive, exclamative, gendered, aspectual, reciprocal, and derivational, with a rise-fall intonation, a prosodic focus on tertiary stress and the clitic phrase, and an imagery that tends to focus on youth, Eden, growth, summer, noon, water, plants, and so forth--a very reasonable characterization.
As it arises from Los estudios culturales en Espana, cultural studies is a conjunctional, cross-disciplinary mode of inquiry which intends to make the world a better place.