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in a conjugal manner


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I have examined the contradictory ways in which secularism is invested in social identities and is constitutive of intimacies that lead women to emotionally and conjugally attach themselves to the Turkish nation-state and the military.
For example, the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage asserted: "Although interacting with and influenced by other institutions such as law, property, and religion, marriage in our society is a distinct, unitary social institution and does not have two separate, independent existences, one 'civil' and one 'religious.'" (748) The Manhattan Declaration brief argued that the concept that societies give legal recognition to marriage to "encourage and support responsible procreation and childrearing" is "remarkably similar to the Christian belief that through marriage man and woman cooperate conjugally in the creative act of God Himself." (749)
He said, 'When a woman sees an older man she sees someone who is experienced conjugally and relatively wealthy and stable.
In The Politics, Aristotle argued that the state is a creation of nature, emerging as it did, from other naturally occurring groups (man and woman united conjugally, and slave and master, thence families and villages).
Attached to no man conjugally and bereft of (patrilineal) blood kin, her primary ties to the domestic narrative have been severed.
Available data show CGA to exhibit a stereotypical virulence factor (VF) profile and a conserved multidrug antimicrobial resistance phenotype, i.e., to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, sulfonamides, tetracycline, and trimethoprim (ACSSuTTp), which is conjugally transferable on a large plasmid (1,2).
The current study assessed 125 conjugally bereaved persons using multiple self-report measures as indicators of personal adjustment and bereavement distress across three times of testing (initial, 6-month, and 3-year follow-up).
It's possible that Stone never realized the cow material's connection to the Comedie's "A Passion in the Desert" where, as Roxandra Antoniadis observed in 1970, a soldier lives conjugally with a panther (Faulkner alludes to this in A Fable) and then kills her in a lover's quarrel (215).