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the state of being united as husband and wife

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As suggested by the idealizations of conjugality that we have observed in Grant's and Dreiser's male characters, the individual in the nineteenth-century novel becomes an individual in the first place through his disciplined capacity to restrict his desires to the demands of adulthood.
This essay provides an overview of the arguments of my current book manuscript, tentatively titled "Brand-Name Capitalism, the Rise of Professional Advertising and the Making of Modern Conjugality in Western India, 1918-45", under contract with the University of Washington Press (expected publication date 2019).
Although the marriage video has much in common with home movies, it also derives its aesthetic devices from the Hindi Film--specifically the ways in which romance and conjugality are presented.
106) Since same-sex marriages remain scantly recognized around the world, (107) sexual minorities are often compelled to demonstrate this threshold of conjugality in order to access the same sponsorship benefits as legally wed couples.
More research is necessary in the domain of alternative forms of conjugality and their implications in terms of relational outcomes, in light of the sometimes contradictory results of existing studies.
One is consent-based, that marriage is to "promote any romantic pair-bond," and the other is based on conjugality, that marriage is to promote "a comprehensive .
Looking beyond conjugality in marriage and its alternatives
In addition to these forms, the Court recognizes the existence of other forms of conjugality, but refuses to grant or extend to these forms too, all the rights and freedoms granted to persons who are married.
That such prostitutes lived in wooden rather than dirt houses--on land that they owned rather than rented--has major implications for Carriacou household and lineage organization, since postmarital residence in a wooden house was the ideal form of conjugality for perpetuating agnatic descent.
Like Spain, the early Ottoman Empire had been established with conjugality and conquest in the 1400s, and by 1520 had become an Indian Ocean power as well.
Conjugal Ties, Migration and Transnationalism: Reconfiguring Forms of Conjugality and Impacts on Processes of Integration and Identity Construction
Without jobs, they are ineligible to enter normative structures of conjugality and participate in social reproduction.
The claim to independence is not quite borne out--indeed, major changes take place in the subjectification of women, the refashioning of family ideals, the intensification of conjugality and the forging of new patriarchies in different regions of the country (Kumar, Radha 1993).
On the other hand, neither woman in SDR seems invested in, nor appears to care for, such theatrics, signaling in the process a rather substantial paradigm shift in terms of Bollywood conventions, particularly as they apply to female characters and questions of conjugality.
amp; POL'Y 79, 83 (2007) (noting that the Canadian Parliament tabled Beyond Conjugality in 2002).