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the state of being united as husband and wife

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Moreover, it accommodates the jural, processual and ritual dimensions of conjugality. In this sense, recognition captures both the historical sensibilities that inform Tswana marriage and emergent practices that may be changing it (Comaroff 1980; Comaroff and Roberts 1977; Solway 2016; van Dijk 2016).
The film text conjures up the repressive structure of conjugality in Hindu marital relationships.
As suggested by the idealizations of conjugality that we have observed in Grant's and Dreiser's male characters, the individual in the nineteenth-century novel becomes an individual in the first place through his disciplined capacity to restrict his desires to the demands of adulthood.
The family home is a diagram of civilising, a model of habitation, conjugality, behaviours, through which a multitude of subjects are stratified.
"Screening Conjugality: The Affective Infrastructure of the Marriage Video." PS 35.3 (2016): 19-34.
Contracting readers: 'Margaret Newcastle' and the rhetoric of conjugality. In Stephen Clucas (ed.), A princely brave woman.
Advertisers seem to have calculated that the evocation of anxieties about the achievement of responsible conjugality constituted the best strategic approach for prompting families to break with pre-existing patterns of expenditure and to buy branded products.
Chapter Four, "'Force-Ripe': Caribbean Women's Sexual Agency," explores representations of heterosexual female agency in ritual performance, literature, and popular music in relation to what King dubs the "Cult of True Oomanhood," an Afro-Creole iteration of Eurocolonial morality premised upon heterosexual conjugality, reproduction, serial monogamy, and double-standard gender norms.
The analysis also includes the identification of initiatives and projects that strengthen respect for sexual diversity and the legitimacy of same-sex conjugality, ensuring them the right to a family entity, in addition to indicating issues that are intrinsic to sexuality and sexual diversity.
Although FitzGerald replaces "mates" with "checks" in later editions and thereby obscures the dual meaning of the 1858 version, the sly pun in his original translation illustrates the poem's relative distaste for the protocols of conjugality. Moreover, "marriage" as it appears in every version is merely a commitment to the pleasures of inebriation and a renunciation of the Doctor's and Saint's attempts at ontological ratiocination: "For a new Marriage I did make Carouse: / Divorced old barren Reason from my Bed, / And took the Daughter of the Vine to Spouse" (st.
His lack of interest in feeling (read: coded or territorialized sexual conjugality) thus translates as disrespect for "human nature" (read: stratified or organized sociality).
Canada's Four-Question Methodology in Beyond Conjugality