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the right of married persons to the enjoyment of association and sympathy and confidence and domestic happiness and the comfort of living together and eating meals at the same table and profiting from joint property right and the intimacies of domestic relations

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At this, Justice Nisar observed: 'Women are entitled to claim alimony if they have performed their conjugal rights .
I would argue that traditional marriage, which included conjugal rights, particularly when women were not able to go to work or were fired when they first got married, and were basically selling their reproductive rights to their husband.
JobCentre clerk Martin, 53, said: "I was approached by a production company in early 2012 on behalf of the Jeremy Kyle Show when they got married in jail and again by a production company, presumably on behalf of the same show, when the issue of any my ed producompany, gal conjugal rights first came up.
Australian cricketer, Arthur Coningham, accused the priest of having an affair with his wife, Alice, and demanded 5000 [pounds sterling] compensation for the loss of his conjugal rights.
Claiming that the marriage took place in August 1994, she had sought restitution of conjugal rights, the petition said.
Sutar Singh entered into a compromise with Surinder Kaur ( names have been changed in view of the right to privacy) after she approached the Supreme Court to seek enforcement of a trial court order directing attachment of his property for not complying with a decree of restitution of conjugal rights passed in her favour.
Granting conjugal rights to prisoners makes Israel somewhat unique.
She said that abstinence is not an option for married women because they have conjugal rights that they need to fulfill.
She refused to admit to adultery, but agreed to a divorce from Georg Ludwig for refusing him his conjugal rights.
MPs yesterday agreed to give prisoners conjugal rights every week, in line with the weekly visitation rights granted by the new correctional facilities law.
The bureaucrats in Ottawa were confounded, however, by their inability to control Aboriginal conjugal rights, which traditionally took the forms of serial unions, polygamy and, on occasion, same-sex partnerships.
We are protecting the rights of women, by keeping out the evil Taliban, who threatened to kill girls seeking education, and replacing them with a cuddly, liberal regime which has just made it legal for men to starve wives who deny them their conjugal rights.
RAWALPINDI, August 30, 2009 (Frontier Star): Under lights of the verdict of Federal Shariat Court (FSC), the Jail Department has announced the construction of 120 private rooms in four jails of the province including District Jail Rawalpindi for giving conjugal rights to married prisoners by maintaining contact with their family members.
The call for allowing conjugal visits to prisoners in Egypt came into focus after an edict issued by former Mufti of Egypt, Nasr Fareed, stating that depriving a prisoner of conjugal rights implied punishment for the spouse for no crime of hers.
Just imagine the situation of a desperate child considered to be a married woman and the old man demanding his conjugal rights.