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in conjunction with

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They conjointly react with dissolved O2 to give -O2 and these active radicals decompose the dye [17-20].
Held under the auspices of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the WYF, brought together 3,000 youth represented by 60 delegations from around the world to conjointly discuss issues of common interest.
Dedicated to Joseph Haydn and his contemporaries, this volume comprises eight papers presented at the Fifth Biennial Conference of the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (SECM), for a second time conjointly organized with the Haydn Society of North America (HSNA) and held at the Towell Library of the College of Charleston, South Carolina, from 13-15 April 2012.
In addition, experts from Siemens and DB Cargo will work conjointly at Deutsche Bahn's Asset und Maintenance Digital Lab in Frankfurt am Main.
It's conjointly found that the developed EGA is incredibly abundant appropriate for twenty jobs five machines drawback, as a result of out of ten samples (IPTA001.
However, it conjointly suffers from many security threats, that square measure the first considerations of cloud users.
Conjointly, the fund-raising facilitation tier will work on initiatives with government bodies and like-minded partners to allow greater access to financing and investments for the enterprises.
Our ecommerce professionals conjointly specify in building custom-made systems and desegregation world category payment gateways like pay pal, google checkout et al.
Our specialists conjointly offer steerage on the analysis methodology to be undertaken for peculiar essay topics.
Their domination is conjointly established by a state choosing to privilege their privately-operated apparatuses in return for their intricate processes of inherent social control.
Although activated interchangeably and conjointly in response to the overall environmental and sociocultural conditions, all three behavioral strategies--violent conflict, peaceful competition, and cooperation--are not purely learned cultural forms.
This severe disease kill more people as compared to the lives taken by breast and prostate cancer conjointly.
Both anxiety and depression should not be ignored and could be considered conjointly when developing strategies for screening and management of patients with chronic disease.
According to this framework, both the ministries would have all-encompassing meetings of pertinent teams for focusing the areas of mutual interests that include product marketing, promotion, sale/purchase of the conjointly developed products and technologies.
Using Equation 1, S1 is predicted with a slightly higher correlation by TaskTime and RT conjointly (r = 0.