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Synonyms for conjoint

belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike

Synonyms for conjoint

consisting of two or more associated entities


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L'objectif de cette recherche est donc de determiner dans quelle mesure, la probabilite qu'une alliance donne lieu a un brevet conjoint resulte des modes de controle mis en place dans l'alliance.
In our review of the literature, we were unable to find studies using conjoint analysis of student evaluations of faculty teaching effectiveness.
The new board could eventually evolve into an independent one, in the same way that emergency medicine and nuclear medicine did after functioning for an average of 12 years as conjoint boards.
Certaines etudes indiquent que les reactions du conjoint a la suite du devoilement de l'agression sont parmi les facteurs qui peuvent influencer negativement l'etat psychologique de la victime en provoquant une recrudescence des symptomes psychologiques, la perception d'un pauvre soutien allant jusqu'a son absence, des interactions negatives, un retablissement plus lent et la deterioration de la satisfaction conjugale du couple (Miller et al.
He recommended individual counseling for situations in which one partner was struggling with some issues, conjoint counseling for situations in which relationship dynamics were affected, and couples groups for situations in which relationship conflict was relatively low or in which the couple required support in dealing with primarily external stressors.
Of these, 25 went on to have surgery to repair conjoint tendonitis--also known as Gilmore's groin--on the advice of their clinicians, although no patients had MRI evidence of conjoint tendonitis.
Conjoint researchers have feared that the information load created by asking respondents to evaluate large numbers of product profiles, each containing a substantial amount of information, could create a condition similar to that described as 'information overload' in the literature on consumer information processing (Jacoby et al.
Medical Device Pricing Strategy and Conjoint Analysis
Orthopedic Device Pricing Strategy and Conjoint Analysis
Une delegation de l'etat-major de l'Armee nationale populaire (ANP), prendra part a la reunion du conseil des chefs d'etat-major des pays membres du Comite d'etat-major Operationnel Conjoint (CEMOC) qui se tiendra mardi dans la capitale mauritanienne, Nouakchott.
8,9,10) Compared to one specific substance use dependence, conjoint nicotine and alcohol dependence is more severe and has a more unfavourable course.
Thus, this study examines the price elasticity of ticket demand by analyzing primary data on spectators' ticket preferences by using the conjoint model.
2-4) In 1951, Boytchev described a surgery where the detached tip of coracoid process with its conjoint tendon attachment, along with pectoralis minor muscle is rerouted deep to the subscapularis muscle, and reattached to its original anatomical location (5).