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of or relating to or part of trees or shrubs bearing cones and evergreen leaves


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The members of Christian community have started decorating the evergreen coniferous tree, real or artificial, as a tradition associated with the celebration of Christmas.
Use of lowland forest and lowland coniferous forest increased with ambient temperature (Fig.
Coniferous trees produce seeds in cones, like pine trees and spruce trees (Christmas trees
Habitat types were grouped into three main categories (deciduous forests, coniferous forests and open areas) or two main categories (deciduous forests and open areas) within each study area.
Specifically, the study showed that a pine scented molecule from a coniferous tree links with ozone in the air and creates free radical molecules consisting of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, with each free radical "so desperate to become a regular molecule again that it reacts with itself," explains the University of Washington's Joel Thornton, a coauthor of the study.
The AIMS-Thermal classification differs from the NOAA data since it had to be generalized into deciduous, mixedwood, and coniferous cover types due to snow cover which prevented accurate delineation of wetlands, scrub/shrub, and grassland.
Production of cord coniferous wood publicly owned in Montenegro for period January - August 2012, compared with same period of previous year has been increased for 2 655 m[sup.
New measures, which will apply to all member states, include the immediate elimination of all coniferous trees in the infested area and the demarcation of a much larger area with strict conditions for intensive monitoring, removal of all declining trees and heat treatment of all coniferous wood leaving that area.
Over four years, Mr Lee planted by hand what matured into a mixed coniferous woodland, where today shoots are run and which is teeming with wildlife.
The well is drilled to the Coniferous producing formation, the company said.
Due to southerly latitude and isolation, the boreal mammalian fauna in the Guadalupe Mountains suffered widespread extirpation at the end of the Pleistocene (Patterson, 1995), as little mesic coniferous forest remained.
Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter, while coniferous trees keep most of their needles.
Coniferous evergreens such as the pine, spruce, and fir are special because they are strong enough to survive in boreal forests; which are in the coldest regions of the world.
The original PA Gap model for northern flying squirrels included the land cover classes, coniferous and mixed forest cover for primary habitat, and deciduous forest, forested wetlands and low density urban for secondary habitat.
Lives of conifers; a comparative account of the coniferous trees.