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a member of the United States House of Representatives

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A Democratic Party member from California, Congressman Swalwell serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and is the top democrat on the sub-committee on the Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA), responsible for the oversight, policy, activities, and budget of this organization.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet with Congressman Davis in Washington and discuss the issues facing America today.
Martinez has popularised Congressman Manhik Manaog (Congressman Up and Down), a character he used to satirise politicians.
McKeon's main opponent, Democrat Robert Rodriguez, has accused the Republican congressman from Santa Clarita of running from a fight.
We are honored to have Congressman Rangel speak at our upcoming luncheon," said ABO President Jerome Belson.
On hand at the presentation are, from left, Jim Huff, Commander, DAV Chapter 4, Owensboro; Congressman Ron Lewis (R-Ky.
The last Democratic congressman elected there was Abner Mikva in 1978.
In fact, Murray, who heads a group called the Religious Freedom Coalition, dispatched a staffer to deliver flowers to DeLay's office not long after the congressman announced his retirement.
The congressman said that even if the US is successful in providing countermeasures, the terrorists will have succeeded to some extent.
In February 2004 Arizona congressman Jim Kolbe--the only openly gay Republican in Congress--issued a scathing statement attacking the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment.
The congressman has a very crowded agenda; it's very hard to fit in time for a subject that doesn't matter to the district.
Caption: Congressman Peter King recently visited Boening Brothers, Inc.
We appreciate Congressman Mollohan's continued support in funding it and his personal interest in ensuring that the investments of time and money are being spent wisely and will produce the desired result.
We can become the nemesis of the insurance companies by treating them just as they have treated us-by referring to the small business laws enforced by our own congressional representatives, such as Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Ill.
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