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Synonyms for congregate

Synonyms for congregate

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come together, usually for a purpose

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Description The Human Resources Administration (Hra) Is Seeking Appropriately Qualified Vendors To Operate And Maintain The Remaining Units Of Permanent Supportive Congregate Housing For Chronically Homeless Single Adults Who Are Living With Hiv/aids And Who Suffer From A Co-occurring Serious And Persistent Mental Illness, A Substance Abuse Disorder, Or A Mentally Ill Chemical Abuse (Micas ) Disorder.
Main Pulze is focused on becoming a major competitor in the congregate living health facilities space in and around the state of California.
Virginia has been a leader in reducing the number of children in congregate care and increasing family-based placements and permanent adoptions.
There are apartments above some of the downtown storefronts, and town officials indicated that some of the young people who congregate in the area apparently live in those apartments.
An injunction would put restrictions on gang members' dress, ability to congregate publicly and impose a curfew.
POLICE have been granted a special order to move people away who congregate around an education centre following a spate of criminal activity.
Females of the species called rattlebox moths sniff out each other's male-attracting pheromones and congregate, creating the pheromone-based equivalent of male frogs gathering in a pond to croak a mating chorus, say researchers.
Cambridge Realty Capital Companies has announced a new conventional funding program targeting multi-facility owners of congregate retirement apartments, multi-level retirement and assisted living facilities.
At the same time, European fans are asserting their right to congregate during the 2006 World Cup, even though they have no chance of buying their way in.
In Somewhere Else, Shenoda's first book, he weaves both contemporary and ancient language around the historical context of his own familial and cultural experience, holding it precious as "one breath / living for that single moment / where voices congregate / pitching into the unknown.
Packed with international and foreign nautical charts, details on Logan navigation, discussions of navigation regulations and ocean chemistry and properties, and logarithm charts, The American Practical Navigator is a 'must' reference for any serious boater, and for libraries where boaters congregate.
Their favored milieu, embassy cocktail parties, was useful in recruiting Soviet diplomats but is definitely not where members of al Qaeda congregate.
But they have made a plea to the youths who congregate in the area not to damage it.
Steven's Steakhouse in Commerce has salsa seven days a week--the best salseras and salseros congregate there on Sunday from 3:00 P.
They fear the arcade will encourage gangs of young people to congregate in the area until late at night and say it is wrong to site a gaming centre so close to homes and a primary school.