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a red-brown azo dye especially as a chemical pH indicator (congo red is red in basic and blue in acidic solutions)

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Congo Red and Sunset Yellow were removed successfully from aqueous media by Lady Finger stem in batch mode.
To further compare the results of MMPS versus other stains traditionally used for tissue identification of MCC, representative study cases containing MCC or talc, and the 2 cases of mixed silicate or oxalate deposition were also stained using Gomori methenamine silver and Congo red stains.
Congo red Agar Method (CRA): Freeman et al (14) had described an alternative method of screening biofilm formation by Candida isolates.
1000 mg/l stock solution of dyes was prepared by dissolving known weight of four types of dyes which were methylene blue, Congo red, brilliant green and crystal violent (each one alone) in one liter of double distilled water, all solutions using in the experiments were prepared by diluting the stock solution with double distilled water to the desired concentrations for the experimental work of this investigation.
Amyloid is Congo red positive, Thioflavin T positive, and Thioflavin S positive, and fibrillary glomerulopathy has a typical glomerular fluorescence pattern; these 2 characteristics are of crucial diagnostic value when these differential diagnoses are under consideration.
The results showed that the synthesized nanoparticles have adsorption properties of Congo Red (CR).
Excisional or core needle biopsy and tissue staining with Congo red are required to exclude carcinoma and detect amyloid.
Biofilm production by these multi-drug resistant uropathogens were assessed by the following methods-Tissue Culture Plate (TCP) method, Tube Method (TM) and Congo Red Agar (CRA) method.
Rhizobium species did not attain the colour of Congo red and conversion of BTB colour from green to yellow indicated that isolates were organic acid producer.
Alternatively, screening of cellulases producing by bacterial isolates may be accomplished by their cultivation in solid media containing carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) as sole carbon source, followed by Congo Red staining (Hankin and Anagnostakis, 1977).
The biopsy revealed amorphous material deposited in the vascular walls and apple-green birefringence in a polarization examination with Congo red staining which proved amyloidosis.
Flocculation studies were conducted by immersing the nanocomposite completely in 20 ml of standard solution of Congo red dye in 100 ml conical flask.
Ideally, Congo red staining is performed on 10-[micro]m sections, and the apple-green birefringence is often best appreciated with the ambient room lights off.
Plates were inoculated in Congo red agar by purring single isolated colony and incubated aerobically for (24-48) hr.
8%) followed by Congo red (95% and 85%) and methyl orange (87.