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cause to adhere


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stick together

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Item Details (1) Acupuncture (la) Style of acupuncture: Wonli Acupuncture rationale procedure (lb) Reasoning for therapy provided, based on historical context, literature sources, and/or consensus methods, with appropriate references: we incised the conglutinated part from the fiberized lesion to promote injury recovery, tissue proliferation, and fortification [18] (lc) Extent to which therapy was varied: each patient received acupuncture independently according to his/her symptoms.
Flowers opening during the day, spreading at ca 15[degrees] from the axis at anthesis, 2-4 mm pedicellate and polystichously arranged; sepals elliptic, acute, 10 mm long, the adaxial pair 2-3 mm connate and carinate, the keels extending into the pedicel; corolla spreading distally; petals 16-18 mm long, white, naked, conglutinated for ca 2/3 of their length.
He naively believes that the doors of the mainstream will be opened to this newly formed, conglutinated Other if blacks would "sacrifice their sometimes purist and exclusionary notion of an Afrocentric theatre" (14).
45[degrees] from the rachis, opening during the day, becoming somewhat secund-pendant postanthesis; sepals broadly elliptic, acute, 12-14 mm long, the adaxial pair slightly carinate, 1-3 mm connate, nerved, becoming rugose when dried, pure white; corolla erect with spreading lobes; petals lanceolate, broadly acute, 18-22 mm long, naked, conglutinated into a tube for 8--10 mm, pure white; stamens and style included.
Flowers spreading at 30[degrees]-45[degrees] from the axis at anthesis, each with a 3-7 x 2 mm pedicel, opening during the day; sepals elliptic, broadly acute to obtuse, cucculate, 23-26 mm long, basally connate for 10-12 mm, thin, nerved, glabrous, yellow; corolla erect, spreading at the apex; petals spathulate, acute, 26-28 mm long, conglutinated into a tube for 20 mm, naked, yellow.