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cause to adhere


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stick together

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The increase in population size and regular recruitment indicates that releasing conglutinates in early Aug.
We removed 10 conglutinates from each gill section and measured the length and width of each conglutinate with a dissecting microscope fitted with an ocular micrometer at 16x and 25x, dependent upon the size of the conglutinate.
When a potential fish host consumes a conglutinate, the conglutinate breaks apart, and glochidia passing through the gill slits have the opportunity to attach to the gill filaments.
Some conglutinates (packets of larval mussels) that mimic aquatic insects may not be able to attach to silt-covered substrata.
Female mantle tissue and conglutinates can mimic insect larvae and pupae, leeches, flatworms, and even other fish, all of which seem to attract host fish closer for possible infestation by glochidia (Parmalee & Bogan 1998).
Both of these species are long-term brooders that use darters (Percidae) as hosts and release benthic conglutinates in the early spring (Barnhart et al.
Gravid animals were identified as those that had gills swollen with eggs, glochidia or conglutinates or held conglutinates beneath a swollen posterior mantle.
When available, the authors also included color photographs of glochidia, conglutinates and mantle displays.
In 1989, we were not able to quantify the percentage of gravid females because they aborted conglutinates (i.
Lampsilines have evolved morphological adaptations to more efficiently contact their hosts, including mantle displays and conglutinates (packages of glochidia bound within a mucous matrix).