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Synonyms for congestion

Synonyms for congestion

excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part

excessive crowding

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The congestion price would be determined by which part of a congested road, and at what time, the driver chooses to use.
That freight congestion is only expected to worsen as more of the population moves closer to cities.
In his judgment, Mr Justice Lewis ruled Khan's decision to lift the exemption from the congestion charge for minicabs was "an appropriate and suitable method of reducing the number of vehicles in the congestion charge zone".
Ralf-Peter SchEnfer, TomTom's VP of Traffic information, said: "Globally, traffic congestion is rising.
According to the data collected over the year 2018, Taiwan's major cities by contrast only deal with about half as much traffic congestion on average.
Addressing the port congestion being experienced by truckers and manufacturers in the past few months will take time and could dampen the country's trade performance this year, according to the Neda and several economists.
Figure 1: A diagram simulating human behavior and predicting congestion in an airport
Conventional TCP end-to-end congestion CC methods have data rate control and coordination capabilities [7], [11], [13].
Speaking to Nigerian Tribune exclusively, a source in the NSC who was at the meeting explained that the port economic regulator asked for a two-week period to consult stakeholders in the maritime sector over plans by the shipping companies to impose the congestion surcharge.
Motorists faced tailbacks along D68 Al Khail Road after Al Jaddaf near Dubai Mall exit towards Abu Dhabi, causing added congestion to rush-hour traffic in the area.
All of the congestion has huge financial repercussions and drivers collectively had to pay $305 billion in 2017.
Traffic congestion, which happens mostly during winters and during the morning office hours and evening, has become lighter last year compared to the situation that was there a few years back.
Here is the story of new approaches to managing congestion in a recreational setting.
Airport congestion is an inherent problem in civil aviation, often resulting in substantial departure delays, reroutings, and even cancelations.