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large dark-colored scaleless marine eel found in temperate and tropical coastal waters

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Conger eels are very common off the coast of South and West Wales.
Some of the stylized animal motifs, however, including the conger eel and starfish, have turned up in mosaics at other Roman sites in the region.
The fish was one of the few conger eels caught from the North East coast.
The recipes include marinated conger eel, hare mince pies - and cow's tongue pie.
A SCUBA-DIVER has described how he was attacked by a giant conger eel 100 feet down in the North Sea.
Albert Marshall, 44, of Tongland, was trying to land a conger eel when he was hit by a wave at nearby Kirkcudbright.
But in the ingenious Tidal Zone you could look a conger eel in the eye, see birds dive for fish, or inspect a boat's hull for barnacles as you peer through massive underwater plate-glass windows.
A CONGER eel was today due to leave its aquarium home to be given the chance to find romance in the open seas.
PENARTH SAC vice-chairman Brian Lewis was in winning form in the club's competition when he fished by the white wall and beached a conger eel and a pouting that turned the scales to 6lb 14oz.
Marinated conger eel, hare mince pies and neats (ox) tongue pie are not the kind of recipes you would expect in your average celebrity chef bestseller.
The tide of the microscopic plankton species called Karenia mikimotoi struck over a week ago and has wiped out stocks of turbot, plaice, young cod, conger eel and brill.
STRETCH the conger eel was yesterday set free to begin a 2000-mile quest for love.
But Eric Morton, taxidermist at the Hancock Museum, Newcastle claimed it was a conger eel and a big one at that.
A TOP fisherman was feared dead last night after being thrown into the sea by a freak wave as he struggled to reel in a huge conger eel.
He battled with a whopping 36lb 4oz conger eel from rocks on Jersey's north coast and won a silver medal from the British Conger Club.