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large dark-colored scaleless marine eel found in temperate and tropical coastal waters

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Lewis Holbrow was runner-up with a conger eel for 2kg.
Despite his wishes, Conger was second in command to MAJ (later MG)
It was not long before James Conger's dream for a new town and shipping port attracted additional shareholders to the project, such as Thomas Balten, Richard Hussey, Timothy Ingraham, Nelson Oviatt, Thomas L.
It was named after the fearsome eel-like predator of the sea up to 10 feet long and with a set of razor -sharp teeth the conger -- when cornered -- has been known to attack divers, too.
Conger says he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and, in turn, cites Wehby's earlier backing of Sen.
The dorsal fin of a conger begins quite near to the head and its lower jaw protrudes; these two features help distinguish small conger eels from common eels.
Beach Conger is informed upon joining the staff of a large Philadelphia hospital.
Conger flesh is relatively tough but eating quality is fair if cooked properly.
WHOPPING conger eels are frightening in appearance but not usually aggressive unless provoked.
Wesleyan University's Eclectic House, home to a 172-year-old fraternity, is the tradition-soaked setting of Eric Conger's The Eclectic Society, directed by Ed Herendeen through March 7 at Walnut Street Theatre.
In this column, persuasion is presented as an essential competency for Nurse Leaders using Jay Conger's Model.
AN Eel of 18lbs 12ozs has clinched the 2005 Scottish Conger Championship for Stuart McMillan.
Prose is an artful chronicler of those contradictory impulses that get in the way of our best and worst intentions, while Conger's soothing, upbeat voice strikes just the right note.
CONGER eels have been blamed for diminishing Irish fish stocks...