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recurrent sudden attacks of unconsciousness caused by impaired conduction of the impulse that regulates the heartbeat

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Current Dilemma in Clinical Management of Autoantibody-mediated Congenital Heart Block
Congenital heart block not associated with anti-Ro/La antibodies: Comparison with anti-Ro/La-positive cases.
Because congenital heart block was highly suspected, maternal serum was screened for ANA by ELISA immunoassay (Bio-Rad ANA) and was strongly positive, with a relative index of 10.
Prevention of recurrence of congenital heart block with intravenous immunoglobulin and corticosteroid therapy: comment on the editorial by Buyon et al.
Of five women with a previous fetus affected by neonatal lupus--who thus are at increased risk of having a baby with congenital heart block--who were enrolled at press time in the Preventive IVIG Therapy for Congenital Heart Block (PITCH) study, three had given birth to babies without congenital heart block following IVIG treatment, one was still undergoing treatment but showed no fetal echocardiographic evidence of congenital heart block, and one had not reached 12 weeks' gestation and therefore had not begun treatment, principal investigator Dr.
Diagnosis: Neonatal lupus This infant has neonatal lupus erythematosus, a rare syndrome in which maternal autoantibodies are passively transferred to the baby and cause cutaneous lesions or isolated congenital heart block.
The purpose of this therapy is to slow the inflammatory process to prevent progression of incomplete to complete congenital heart block, as well as to treat fetal hydrops and/or myocarditis.
Target of Autoantibodies in Congenital Heart Block Pregnancies
And Mother's anti Ro antibody were negative ruling out maternal SLE causing congenital heart block.
However, testing is not advised during routine pregnancies of asymptomatic women, because the pretest probability of lupus and/or congenital heart block is small, and therefore positive tests are likely to be false positives clinically.
Liam was diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital heart block while still in the womb.
Ross, diagnosed with an extremely rare and dangerous congenital heart block, became one of the youngest children ever to be fitted with a pacemaker.
However, there are other, less common cardiac conditions associated with syncope and sudden death, such as Eisenmenger syndrome, congenital heart block, and Marfan's syndrome.
Complete Congenital Heart block (CCHB) is a rare cause of neonatal bradycardia with incidence of 1:20,000 live births.
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