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Congenital defects of the diaphragm are Bodalek hernia, Morgagni hernia, central tendo defect, and diaphragmatic eventration (1-3).
The cases were classified depending upon the type and subtype of the congenital defect.
The incidences of these types of congenital defects are very exceptional and reported in sheep (Monfared et al.
This approach facilitates specialized treatment at the right time and may decrease the burden of this prevalent congenital defect.
A congenital defect is not passed from parent to child, though such defects are often identifiable at birth.
Congenital defect of the vomer bone: A rare cause of septal perforation.
It's hard to read Ron Powers' engaging new Mark Twain: A Life (Free Press) and not conclude that there's a congenital defect in the very heart of American literature.
Perhaps the child was born deaf, with a congenital defect in her auditory cortex.
Six-year-old Nicole Contreras was born with a hole between two chambers in her heart, a common congenital defect that previously would have required open-heart surgery to repair.
Dan suffers from cranio-tharyngioma, a very rare congenital defect.
Most often there is a pre-existing condition such as abdominal muscle weakness or a congenital defect.
The two-word phrase is defined as follows in American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition: "A congenital defect in which the spinal column is imperfectly closed so that part of the meninges or spinal cord protrudes, often resulting in hydrocephalus and other neurological disorders.
Ash Pawade, who carried out the heart surgery on Luke, said the surgery may have worsened a congenital defect in Luke's aortic structure, which had then caused his breathing problems.
2,3] Over several months, as a congenital defect consultant at a medical center, I have consulted on a number of cases referred to a child abuse team that, on further assessment, were found to involve genetic or congenital defect conditions rather than child abuse.
Parents of a child born with a cleft palate/lip condition have cited God's punishment of them for premarital sex or infidelity as the cause of their child's congenital defect (p.
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