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Between December 2008 and November 2013 transvaginal three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound volumes were collected of first-trimester pregnancies in which a structural congenital abnormality was diagnosed (N = 71).
Two-thirds of the deaths (<<=18) were attributed to the associated congenital abnormality. Six patients (22.2%) succumbed to sepsis, 2 (7.4%) died as a result of aspiration pneumonia and 1 (3.7%) had an abdominal compartment syndrome.
The detailed examination of aortic valve morphology displayed quadricuspid aortic valve (with 3 equal and small accessory cusp type B in the Hurwitz classification and location between noncoronary and right coronary cusp type II in the Nakamura classification), being a very rare congenital abnormality sometimes leading to valve incompetence treated surgically, see Photo 1 [1-5].
More speculative explanations of the mechanisms leading to fetal death with obesity include the presence of sleep apnea and resulting decrease in oxygen to the fetus (Franklin et al., 2000), the reduced ability to detect fetal movement (Fretts, 2005), and lower rates of diagnosis of congenital abnormality (Phatak & Ramsay, 2010).
The prevalence of congenital abnormality in United States and United Kingdom is 2 - 3% and in Pakistan the incidence of congenital abnormalities varies from 11 to 15/1000 total births.2,3 This geographical variation represents the variation in prevalence of certain causative factor in a population.
Researchers from the University of Bradford and the University of Leeds found that the children of such unions had a six per cent chance of having a congenital abnormality, compared to an average 3 per cent chance.
Ras Al Khaimah: A newborn Emirati girl was successfully operated for a rare congenital abnormality that accounts for one per cent of all intestinal obstructions in the paediatric population.
She said many abortions that take place after 20 weeks are of foetuses which have a congenital abnormality.
Her condition swiftly deteriorated and when her father Andrew took her to hospital, a stroke caused by a congenital abnormality was diagnosed.
Congenital abnormality of the nose: CT and MR findings.
The causal factors of malformations could be parasitic infection, arthritis, injury, tumors, bad nutrition, congenital abnormality (Heupel et al., 1999), or unfavorable environmental conditions during embryonic development, such as pollution (Haaker, 1977; Rodriguez-Romero et al., 1990; Grady, 1992).
This was found by the coroner to be a congenital abnormality. He ruled the infant, whose identity and that of her family is protected, died of natural causes brought about by a bacterial infection.
The Northern Congenital Abnormality Register is the longest running of its type in the country and the data provided will be used internationally.
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