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Synonyms for congeneric

an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus)

belonging to the same genus

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Unlike existing measures of this type that cannot be linked to specific theory, the newly developed measures are directly derived from the congeneric model.
Gracilinanus emiliae can be unambiguously distinguished from other congeneric species by a unique combination of morphometric and qualitative characters (Table 1).
Vindullus kratochvilli Caporiacco 1955 is found not to be congeneric with the type species, V.
The five methods are: (1) a single test form; (2) parallel forms; (3) tau-equivalent forms; (4) congeneric forms; and (5) unconstrained items.
Juvenile congeneric red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) have also been shown to deposit daily increments above a minimum growth rate (i.
However, the resprouter-versus-reseeder fire-response dichotomy provides an opportunity to compare and contrast autecological strategies between co-occurring, congeneric pairs of species that differ predominantly in the way they respond to fire.
Thirdly, fitting the congeneric measurement model is advantageous because it represents the simplest form of the measurement model, and the fit statistic of the congeneric model is a quasi-test of validity.
This is one of the few documented cases where host-fish specificity is congeneric and tied to a unique reproductive strategy.
Granted that the probability of a rapid host-shift by any host-specific species is probably low, we know of no literature that suggests that, if species A has not shifted hosts in time interval X, congeneric species B is unlikely to shift hosts in time interval Y.
In order to confirm the clusters of items in the factor analysis, a series of congeneric models was established.
52, larger than between most pairs of congeneric species in many sorts of organisms; and roughly similar to the distance between P1 or P2 and the reference population from the Atlantic (D = 1.
In addition, there is limited information as to whether competition from congeneric species might be displacing P.
Hence, many other congeneric species of Rhabdochona may be described in future in this little explored region of Balochistan.