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the process of congealing

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Il peut enfin etre rattache au contrat de service, specialement lorsqu'en plus de l'entreposage, les parties conviennent de la fourniture d'autres prestations telles que la congelation (162), la palettisation (163) ou encore la transformation du produit (164).
Modification du degre de congelation de l'eau due probablement a la psychocinese: Auto-observation [Built upon water: psychokinesis and water cooling: A self observation].
La coriandre et les feuilles de [beaucoup moins que] dioul [beaucoup plus grand que] seront conserves a la fraicheur de la congelation. Le citron aussi n'echappe pas a la regle.
There is no law, but only gravitation and congelation, and we are stuck together in an everlasting hail, and melted together in everlasting mud, and great was the day in which our worships were born.
Dans le nord de l'ile de Baffin, les temperatures moyennes quotidiennes sont tombees sous le point de congelation apres le 5 septembre 2013, si bien que nous estimons que pour cette nichee, la probabilite de recrutement etait tres faible.
The spray, having frozen as it rose, had gradually so condensed itself that it had joined and formed a splendid, irregular, fantastical arch of surprising brilliancy and lightness, in all the rugged and mixed varieties of form which frost gives to falling water, suddenly arrested by congelation. The banks on each side from the same cause were like solid, irregular, glassy buttresses supporting the arch; and the surrounding trees being beautifully fringed with frost.
The rapid congelation and the slow warming produce a thermal shock that damages lipoproteins and induces sudden changes in the osmotic pressure, pH, and osmolarity.
In his view, "truth is not but the congelation of ancient metaphors".
Ice cover of small lakes usually consists of two main layers-a congelation (crystalline, black) and snow (white) ice (Lepparanta & Kosloff 2000; Petrov et al.
(One imagines a philosophically bearded Hegel, a philosophically clean-shaven Marx, in the same way as a moustached Mona Lisa.)" He thought a commentary should "represent a kind of slow motion, a congelation or immobilisation." The philosopher never names Duchamp, despite his tonsorial genuflections; instead he invokes Pierre Menard to abbreviate his theory that "the most exact, the most strict repetition has as its correlate the maximum of difference.'
Les ecoles chez nous sont devenues semblables a des usines de congelation des legumes et des fruits pour la conservation provisoire pour enfin la consommation quotidienne.
Specific applications include the determination of congelation and solidification, gypsum or two-component plastics as well as the hardness, plastic and elastic properties, jointment and other pasty materials.
Cryostatic Congelation: a system for producing a limited, controlled region of cooling or freezing of biologic tissues.