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Synonyms for congeal

Synonyms for congeal

to make or become physically hard

to change or be changed from a liquid into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Synonyms for congeal

become gelatinous


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SECRET WEAPON: Surfaces sprayed with WD-40 cause cocaine to congeal
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Why, you can almost hear the whinnying of elitist derision from the policy think tanks, the national media and the rest of the circus that congeals around Whitehall.
The drug congeals into a sticky mess and cannot be snorted.
It may be illegal to hold a political rally without a permit or to hand out political flyers in a public space, but is it illegal when a group congeals out of the ether in a hotel lobby to perform a seemingly nonsensical act and then dissolves before anyone knows what action to take, if any?
He told BBC Bristol: 'It congeals into a mess, it then semi-dissolves it and prevents it being sniffed.
He had the idea of fitting artificial platelets to pipelines which mimic the way blood congeals around a cut to stem the flow.
If Schelling is right, then music and architecture meet where architecture thaws and music congeals, and Toop and Hasegawa's hybrid marks the point at which the two become one, where music becomes a machinic organism secreting a crustacean shell of glass and steel.