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music composed for dancing the conga

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a Latin American dance of 3 steps and a kick by people in single file

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It would have been a great moment of footballing brotherhood if the congas, which included the Hartlepool supporter dressed as a chicken, had met and joined together.
Patato vive en Nueva York desde 1954 y es considerado como uno de los mas grandes interpretes vivos de la conga; una verdadera leyenda cubana.
en el que se encuentran temas como; "Ven Pa'Bailar", 'Lisa", "Conga Blue" y "Guaripumpe" entre otras de estas sensacionales y bien interpretadas piezas musicales, que usted de seguro no se cansara de escuchar, es un album calido, lleno de fuerzo y mucho sabor de tropico...
RF: By the age of four, I was already playing the conga drums.
Renowned salsa singer Tony Vega will be performing at The Conga Room on Thursday, August 27.
EC: I like playing congas for bands, and I like singing for bands.
These ate very elegant wood conga drums with a classic sound.
Toca Percussion introduces their latest innovation of this popular hand drum with their new "Toca Traditional Series Congas & Bongos." The new two-tone finish design over Asian oak makes these drums come alive in natural warm beauty as well as in its full and robust-producing sounds.
For 51 years, he has led the pioneering sextet, featuring tumbadoras (conga drums), timbal, vibraphone, piano, bass and singer.
Specializing in authentic congas and djembes, all drums are handcrafted of hardwood with a beautiful gloss finish that naturally highlights the grains of the wood.
(bongo), Carlos 'Fafin' Pagan (congas), Miguel "Junior" Morales (timbal), and Nestor Sanchez and Ray de la Paz (coros).
BC: Well, I wanted to be a musician since I was a very young kid, but my parents were dead set against it, so I had to wait until I got into college and I had a little bit of my own money to buy my first set of congas and other percussive items, and start taking lessons and so forth.
After playing bongos with them for a year and a half, I was switched to congas, which rekindled the love affair I had with the instrument as a child.
Esteemed artists congregated and jammed under a backdrop of a glittering wall of congas.
Jose "Juicy" Jusino was three years old when his father started teaching him to play the bongo, congas and timbal.