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so similar as to be easily identified for another thing


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This research work proposes a framework that uses the tripartite membership power of Neutrosophic logic and combining it with the conventional Neural Networks in order to estimate a confusability measurement for two confusable diseases resulting from class overlap in lieu of providing an innovative approach that might be useful to support decisions about medical diagnoses for confusable diseases.
Target words selecting many similar-sounding neighbours are recognised less accurately and less quickly than words occurring in sparse or less confusable neighbourhoods.
I am not claiming that the greater use of lexical anaphora in French, and the correspondingly greater readiness of French readers to interpret such anaphora, is systematically conditioned in every text by the presence of some potentially confusable inanimate common noun in between the two occurrences.
The version IDs, although far less confusable, will also have false positives, because they may be mentioned in other roles than the bugfix link role (e.
The diagnosis of BPS is made on the basis of exclusion of these confusable diseases, in combination with the confirmation of signs and symptoms of BPS.
When the number of possible voice commands grows up the recognition accuracy goes down since more and more confusable pairs appears in the vocabulary (experiments DIGITx): digit name ""devyni (nine) often confused with the word "tevyne" (fatherland) in DIGIT1000 experiment.
Daniel Stewart, Head of Marketing at Oxford Dictionaries, said: “These twenty most-viewed English words show that Oxford Dictionaries Online users look up a variety of words, from difficult to spell or less common words, to everyday vocabulary and easily confusable terms.
As an example, critics point to the doctor of nursing (ND) designation, which was easily confusable with a doctor of naturopathy degree.
The seven percent of footage it missed included confusable sounds, such as background music, or loud audience cheers.
A dictionary of confusable phrases; more than 10,000 idioms and collocations.
The third task--"Match It"--is a spatial-match task that consists of participants matching short confusable words (e.
3]), yocto got its "y" to prevent its abbreviation from being "o," and thus confusable with the number zero.
Alternative approaches, such as testing subsets of confusable consonants over more limited SNR ranges [30], are less time-consuming.
The current recommendation of the General Committee, following the opinion of the Committee for Spermatophyta, is that Weberbauerella (Fabaceae) and Weberbaueriella (Asteraceae) are treated as confusable names (Barrie, 2006).