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Synonyms for confront



Synonyms for confront

to meet face-to-face, especially defiantly

to come up against

Synonyms for confront

oppose, as in hostility or a competition

deal with (something unpleasant) head on

present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize


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be face to face with

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References in classic literature ?
I doubt that one human being ever understands another," he said, stopping in his march and confronting Mary at a distance of a few feet.
There were gaps in the thin line confronting her and toward the widest of one of these she directed her course.
Virginia Maxon had been half unconscious from fright when she suddenly saw a white man, clothed in coarse, white, native pajamas, confronting her and the misshapen beast that was bearing her away to what frightful fate she could but conjecture.
At the sound of her voice the old man looked up, and when he saw who it was confronting him he, too, cried out in relief and happiness.
He was appalled at the problem confronting him, weighted down by the incubus of his working-class station.
When Alexander came in a few moments later, he found Wilson and his wife still confronting the photograph.
Confronting Miss Pink, she now spoke and looked with the gracious courtesy and the unpresuming self-confidence of the order to which she belonged.
She stood, mechanically confronting Agnes, with a stillness so wrapt and perfect that not even the breath she drew was perceptible to the two persons who were looking at her.
Jimmie arose painfully from the ground and confronting his father, began to curse him.
It is needless to relate them here; they came out at his trial, and the revelation of his calmness in confronting them came near to saving his neck.
The apparition confronting the dreamer in the haunted wood--the thing so like, yet so unlike his mother--was horrible
About the hour of noontide, however, when the sun stood exactly over Zarathustra's head, he passed an old, bent and gnarled tree, which was encircled round by the ardent love of a vine, and hidden from itself; from this there hung yellow grapes in abundance, confronting the wanderer.
That was my first thought, though I shrank selfishly from confronting it.
Summary: Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the need to keep confronting Israel until all Arab rights are restored, a statement by the foreign minister's press office said Sunday.
In conclusion, Shaikh Abdullah emphasised "the necessity of firmly confronting anyone who might seek to impinge upon and to change this humanitarian model.