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Synonyms for confront



Synonyms for confront

to meet face-to-face, especially defiantly

to come up against

Synonyms for confront

oppose, as in hostility or a competition

deal with (something unpleasant) head on

present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize


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be face to face with

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Karti was brought to Mumbai by the probe agency earlier in the morning to confront the ex-directors of INX Media Ltd.
BEIRUT: Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah Saturday said the resistance must confront Israel in order to prevent occupation and suffering in Lebanon, a statement from the party said.
The March to Confront White Supremacy starts Monday, Aug.
One of the suspects got out of his car to confront my husband.
This ugly act," he said, "strengthens our commitment to confront the phenomena of extremism and terrorism, which do not distinguish between religions and peoples and which represent a serious danger to all civilised nations and societies, without discrimination.
The agreement between the two ministries comes after the endowment ministry and Ministry of State for Youth Affairs agreed on a plan to confront atheism on 6 August.
Minister al-Zoubi stressed that no one can change the national borders of the Syrian state as it is the duty and the right of the Syrian government to confront any attempt to infringe on its national sovereignty.
After Anna tells Izzy that Phelan tried to force himself onto her, Izzy then spills the beans to Gary, who goes to confront him.
I'm afraid to confront him again as it might ruin things.
Minister Davutoglu said those who recommended that Turkey should confront with its history should first of all look at themselves.
The forum discussed Saudi efforts to confront Human Trafficking, including
23 -- A campaign has been launched by the Yemeni government to win over Yemeni hearts and minds, in a battle to confront extremist ideology and favour Islam's moderation.
However, Workforce, who broke the track record at Epsom, will probably get a pace that suits him at Ascot as stablemate Confront was declared alongside him as a pacemaker yesterday.
And now, I have a huge crush on this guy, but I don't know how to confront him.
People won't confront yobs if there is a chance they will be attacked by them.