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Synonyms for conflux

a converging at a common center

Synonyms for conflux

a flowing together

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ConFlux, financed by a grant from the National Science Foundation, focuses to modern predictive modeling in various fields of computational science.
ConFlux, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, aims to advance predictive modeling in several fields of computational science.
Money as commercial currency hence coexisted with its use as social currency to create, maintain, and reorganize relations between people, and in so doing, created each individual as "a unique conflux of relations" in society.
I contend that by examining the conflux of elements present in the settings where new teachers teach and the ways those elements work together to shape practice--that is, by conceptualizing and analyzing teaching as assemblage--teacher education researchers will help advance the field's understanding of teacher learning as continually transforming in relation to the teacher's own experiences, her students, the classroom and school context, and the broader state and federal policies that bear down on her teaching.
Additionally, there are different criminal gangs operating along the swampy areas of River Indus as it snakes through Dera Ghazi Khan and adjoining regions forming a triangular delta at the conflux of three provincial boundaries.
More particularly, however, The Little Company may be seen to participate in the cosmopolitan project of geomodernism, or as Susan Carson puts it, "one in which an engagement with modernism/s is produced from a conflux of national interest and attempts at localised geopolitical representation and international influences" ("A Girl's Guide" 178).
As per Barry Buzan the regional security complexes are bound to emerge but probably this might not happen in South East Asia and around Indian Ocean as it is already at the conflux of many regions and has implications for Pakistan.
In its survey of federal capital witnessed people from all walks of life rejoicing the occasion, thronging into crowded markets, heavily breathing parks, wide opened hotels and eye catching plazas swarmed by arrays of men, women, girls, boys clad in rainbow colored ensembles, a conflux and clash of eastern and western civilization.
This article has reviewed the conflux of factors affecting Latino children with ASD and their families as they relate to treatment access and utilization.
BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY, MOUNT PLEASANT, WOLVERHAMPTON: Conflux - Mother and Son, Val and Nevil Brewin explore discarded and found objects, until October 4.
Concepts that have become critical commonplaces, like postmodernism and postcolonialism, might benefit from being rethought through their relation to the conflux of local and global economic, political, social and cultural forces that constituted the Cold War.
ERIC Citation: Conflux Journal of Education v2 n4 p30-34 Sep 2014
Brady said he believes that the current environment is the result of a conflux of HOS, a shrinking carrier base, and a true contraction in long-haul trucking.
We met and told him that Lucknow is renowned in the world for its 'Ganga Jamuna' culture (a conflux of Hindu Muslim culture) and it should be so maintained and we welcomed him in accordance with the culture of Lucknow.
In [21], authors present Conflux, a dynamic traffic-splitting approach that assigns traffic to an overlay path based on its measured latency.