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Synonyms for confluent

a branch that flows into the main stream

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flowing together


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With the direct confluent Heun functions as specified above, these features are depicted with difficulty because the confluent Heun function of at least [xi], in the general formula above, has complex values, in addition to the complex character dictated in relation to equatorial angular coordinate 4.
These patterns were: confluent hypoautofluorescence with surrounding hyperautofluorescent ring in 72% (n=18), hyperautofluorescence with surrounding hypoautofluorescent ring in 8% (n=2), confluent hypoautofluorescence in 4% (n=1), and granular hypoautofluorescence in 4% (n=1).
1] is the confluent hypergeometric function of the first kind of matrix argument (Gupta and Nagar [1]).
The avascular retina between the ridge and ora serrata was treated with near confluent laser photocoagulation.
Initial axial CT of the chest demonstrated confluent a right hilar and mediastinal mass (Figure 1).
9) They found that nodular opacity was seen in all, confluent consolidation was seen in 37% and CWALV was seen in 69%.
Striving to adapt to ever-changing media and marketing strategies, Confluent searched for someone who has know-how when it comes to consistent branding tactics.
6,7) In general, nested urothelial carcinomas are composed of somewhat disordered, confluent, anastomosing urothelial nests (Figure 2, C).
This patient was given a diagnosis of confluent and reticulated papillomatosis (CRP) based on the clinical presentation.
2] on the expression of hsp 27, hsp 60, hsc 70, and hsp 70 was determined by exposing confluent UROtsa cells to 100 [micro]M NaAs[O.
It is clear beyond any doubt that the Confluent Score could be used very effectively to predict the student's PDT scores (Personal Development of students) (every PDT score correlates -0.
Each test area for each bacterium on each cassette revealed visible evidence of confluent growth when swabbed across the surface of a Meuller Hinton agar plate on the initial sampling and on each of the subsequent test samples at 1, 2, 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 hours and even after 2 weeks in the incubation cabinet.
Older students tend to have higher Confluent Scores-less creditability in test--(r = 0.
Results of teacher candidates' reflections indicated that while the breadth of their reflections did not cover the range of category indicators expected, for the most part, teacher candidates at both institutions were engaging in reflective thinking that encompassed confluent education.
Others developed confluent smallpox, a condition with a 60 percent mortality rate in which the pustules ran into each other and sloughed off in great rotten sheets of skin.