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Synonyms for confluent

a branch that flows into the main stream

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flowing together


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Confluent Medical is a contract manufacturer with full scale capabilities to provide high-quality, low cost finished class III medical devices.
Generalized morphea is induration of skin starting as four or more individual plaques larger than 3 cm, that become confluent and involve at least two of the seven anatomical sites (head, neck, right upper extremity, left upper extremity, right lower extremity, left lower extremity, anterior trunk and posterior trunk).
The contract is for design and construction of sewage pumping station and confluent in Skawica, village Zawoja, and the transition collector under sanitary Skawica drilling controlled with a network connection in Bialka municipality.
Confluent hypoautofluorescence describes areas of homogenously decreased AF which can be easily distinguished from the surrounding fundus; granular hypoautofluorescence describes heterogenous areas containing lesions with various degrees of hypoautofluorescence.
The third quantum parameter [lambda] that arises in this solution is unique to these ellipsoidal coordinates; it occurs only in the fifth argument of each confluent Heun function, so for these functions of [xi] and [eta] separately but in the same form.
Laser photocoagulation, typically a dense or near confluent pattern, is currently used as the standard treatment for high-risk prethreshold or worse ROP.
1] X/d) by the confluent hypergeometric function of matrix argument [sub.
Together, the companies will be renamed Confluent Medical Technologies, a company that makes specialized medical devices.
A CT scan of the chest revealed a confluent right hilar and mediastinal mass (Figure 1).
Findings on chest radiographs (n=90): The most common finding on chest was of consolidation that may be patchy or confluent or segmental, observed in 40% of cases.
Confluent Translations has been serving clients for over a decade, providing top-quality translation services to organizations in need throughout the world.
Invasive urothelial carcinomas are more likely to have confluent nests or markedly irregular nests with associated infiltrating single cells or cords of cells (Figure 2, A and B).