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Synonyms for confluence

Synonyms for confluence

a converging at a common center

the act or fact of coming together

Synonyms for confluence

a place where things merge or flow together (especially rivers)

a flowing together

Related Words

a coming together of people

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1993) reported the conjunction of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake, and the confluence of the Yangtze and Wanhe Rivers were Yangtze finless porpoise's favorite habitat, respectively.
At the closing, Aclaris paid approximately USD 10m in cash and issued approximately 350,000 shares of its common stock, with a value of approximately USD 10m on the closing date, to the former equityholders of Confluence.
The Scroll Add-ons for Confluence let teams author and manage content and documentation together, while Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA enables collaboration across departmental and B2B boundaries.
Click to tweet: " Atlassian Introduces a Faster, Simpler, Sexier Confluence "
Figure 9 discovers an astonishing correlation: the upper part of the figure shows each of the world's confluence visits as a square.
The goal of the Degree Confluence Project (DCP) is to document visits to "each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world" by narrative descriptions and photographs.
Meanwhile, he said, at Confluence everyone is writing because they want to, not because their salary or career depends on it.
Woven through the design of this house are the twin themes of transition and confluence.
According to the confluence model, "the greater the number of children and the shorter the intervals between successive births, the less mature on the average is the intellectual milieu for each child," Zajonc says.
MSCI Inc, a leading provider of analytics, applications and services to institutional investors, has entered into agreement with Confluence Technologies, Inc (Confluence), a global leader in investment data management automation for regulatory, financial and investor reporting, to help asset managers streamline compliance with SEC Modernization and other regulatory reporting requirements.
com)-- K15t Software GmbH has announced the release of Scroll WP Publisher, a new add-on for Atlassian Confluence Cloud that lets users directly publish Confluence content to wordpress.
The Confluence Health Foundation recently added three new members to three-year terms on the nonprofit's Board of Trustees.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 27, 2015-Woodruff Sweitzer Acquires Minnesota-Based Confluence Marketing
Covered by the new proposal are nearly six miles of Little Rock Creek from the South Fork confluence to the upper end of the Littlerock reservoir and a 1.
FTA") announced today that First Trust Specialty Finance and Financial Opportunities Fund (NYSE: FGB) intends to host a conference call with Confluence Investment Management, LLC ("Confluence"), the Fund's investment sub-advisor, on Monday, March 4, 2013, at 4:15 P.