conflict of interest

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a situation in which a public official's decisions are influenced by the official's personal interests

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Thus police officers who realize that they may have a conflict of interest due to their financial holdings in a particular enterprise in their local police district (as in example B, mentioned earlier), ought to inform their supervisory officers of this potential conflict of interest and then take steps to remove the conflict, either through such officers divesting themselves of the financial stake in that enterprise or through transferring to another district so as to remove themselves from the potential conflict of interest.
In the evaluation process, the burden of proof should be put on the acceptability of a conflict of interest.
Once grasped, however, the full scope and consequences of medical conflict of interest beget grave doubts about the veracity of wide swaths of medical science.
Unfortunately, your actions still qualify as cronyism, and hiring family and friends may be a conflict of interest.
010), "[a] conflict of interest creates adverse interest and self-interest threats to the member's compliance with the 'Integrity and Objectivity Rule'([see ET [section]]1.
The report, Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Sector Law and Practice in Vietnam, says Vietnam has made great progress in socio-economic development over the past three decades.
The policy is based on understanding, identifying, evaluating, managing, and avoiding conflict of interest, the supervisory authority said in a statement on its website on Monday.
You only need to review the news on any given day to find at least one story about a potential conflict of interest -- from city officials being accused of voting to close a local airport in order to increase their personal property values, to financial advisors directing clients' money into real estate owned by the advisor (without the client knowing of the financial relationship).
BSP will initiate legal amendments allowing the Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest (CPACI) to ask court to lift banking secrecy in an inspection of public office-holders.
Given the seriousness of the conflict of interest, the director agreed that he would withdraw from the meeting while the matter was discussed and similarly from subsequent meetings and that he would not receive any minutes, papers, emails, and so on which referred to the bid.
Our financial conflict of interest rules must keep up with the times if we are to maintain our leadership role in the global scientific community.
As assorted state institutions fell well short of tackling the issue individually, the latest solution to the problem was to set up a centralised and independent - albeit appointed by Parliament, which raised questions about political affiliations - commission whose mandate would be to investigate potential cases of conflict of interest in all branches of government.
After his investigation of the case, the ombudsman concluded that, because the Commission failed to adequately follow its own procedural rules, it was impossible for him to adequately examine the issue of a possible conflict of interest in this case.
A Member shall not represent, personal or business interests divergent from or conflicting with those of the client or employer and shall not accept, directly or indirectly, any rebate, fee, commission, discount, or other benefit, monetary or otherwise, which could reasonably be seen as a conflict with the interests of the client, employer or firm, unless the client or employer is first notified in writing of the activity or potential conflict of interest, and consents in writing to such representation.
Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education and Practice
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