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Finally, Sandis holds that once we uncover the conflations and reject all theories, many problems and disputes simply disappear.
The conflation of stories dramatized by the children's play makes Ruby's history a sacred text of community martyrdom, and as a sacred text the story is God-given truth.
As the book progresses these conflations become more serious.
Essentially derived from one of his own earlier publications, Tori's article reveals discrepancies - omissions, conflations and errors - between Salutati's minutes taken at meetings and his more fulsome formal accounts.
Some of the essays offer detailed readings of such works as Midnight's Children and Janet Frame's odd conflations of fictional and nonfictional depictions of madness.
However, they lack an experience-based schematic framework capable of grounding and connecting their historical thinking, so that their accounts often mix accurate information with conflations, naive conceptions, and imaginative elaborations.