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What follows is a personal story about my own conflation of the terms to illuminate the motivations behind such a conflation.
Conflations and counter-conflations of criticism with censorship form a hall of mirrors that seem to distort every discussion about cultural expression in India lately.
Drag Me To Hell recalls his seminal Evil Dead series with its queasy conflation of gore and dark humour, plus the reappearance of flying eyeballs.
Details aside, conflation of conflict zones starting with the letter L constitutes a clean break from the conflations of previous administrations, such as George W.
The deliberate conflation of proposals to allow Muslims to police their own marriages - and only where both parties agree - with lashing and capital punishment in tyrannical Muslim states like Saudi Arabia (best friend of New Labour and Tory governments alike) was a disgusting spectacle.
deals with a universal reality through the experiences of Black women," explains Simmons, noting the conflation of Eurocentrism and universalism.
In Cambodia the conflation of sex work and trafficking has led to interventions such as forced rescue that may inadvertently increase vulnerability to HIV, by removing sex workers' earning potential, thereby adding extra costs to existing debts.
But the steps are banal and conventional, placing the emphasis on the cheap, but clearly expensive, trick of TV closed circuitry and screens (about a dozen of them in varying sizes), the device of partially hiding the physical action behind a barrage of scenic flats, and most of all the campy conflation of two novellas, one about a young man who becomes the lover of an older rock star and another concerned with a woman of mature years who fancies herself as Catherine Deneuve.
This famous poem is based on an agglomeration of Native American myths, mostly Ojibway of the southern shore of Lake Superior, and Hiawatha is a fictionalized conflation of historical people.
The conflation of chastity and loyalty had obvious political significance in the context of the Manchu conquest of the Ming during the second half of the seventeenth century.
This paper addresses this limitation by (i) illustrating the extent of spatial mismatch between the 1996 and the 2001 census; (ii) examining attempts to rectify this problem in other jurisdictions and (iii) presenting a 'made-in-Canada' solution for conflation of census geometries.
A good philosophical ethicist was one who could confound and confuse his colleagues with a measured mix of obfuscation, pontification and conflation of ideas.
In a certain sense the literalization of the metaphor of construction in the exhibition design is a forced conflation, as it tends to eschew the conservative work of canonization through a more elusive--and potentially more attractive--rhetoric of openness, process, and productive indeterminacy.
But the conflation of faith with government--with its programs, policies, staff, and elected leaders--is a distortion and often an abuse of faith itself.
org, Hartman observed, "In some distant place, Adolf Hitler and Bishop Muller must be smiling at Scalia's encouragement of the growing conflation of church and state in America.