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The book runs the risk of placing the burden of 'diversity' upon the shoulders of non-Burman groups, and by default could semantically reify the prior dynamic which conflates Burma studies with bamar studies.
Lyrical and inventive is her style as love and music conflate both in the narrative voice and in Eden's life, guiding the latter through her physical wanderings, spiritual wonderings and romantic explorations.
Amiri Baraka, poet laureate of New Jersey, launches himself into an ugly verbal brawl in which he conflates Ariel Sharon's policies with all of Israel, Israel with all Jews.
This reading strangely conflates Spenser's dynastic interests with the Miltonic longing for the day when "God shall be all in all" (Paradise Last 3.341).
Central to Moe's book is a poorly concocted, misleading 1995 poll that, among its many flaws, conflates public school choice, which is popular, with vouchers, which aren't.
In Chapter One, "The Mother's Voice," we see how Marshall conflates realism and allegory in Brown Girl, Brownstones "to convey the social texture of Selina's world" as well as her inner psyche.
In her attempt to conjure a lethal subculture that fostered Cunanan's values, Orth selectively combs the gay world and conflates her "findings" into sensational generalizations that not so subtly encompass all gay men.
In a chapter attacking the cult of personality that arose around Ayn Rand, he pinpoints the main flaw in Objectivism as the belief in reason's ability to discern absolute truths about reality and morality, which makes "the final results of inquiry become more important than the process of inquiry." His critique of Rand conflates the always small cult of personality around her with her larger audience, and thus declares a premature obituary on her philosophy: "Its absolutism was the biggest flaw in Ayn Rand's Objectivism, the unlikeliest cult in history," he writes.
I have previously argued that within an argument to show that we cannot perceive the causes of our sensations, Berkeley's Philonous conflates a psychological and an epistemic sense of 'immediately perceive,' and uses the principle of perceptual immediacy (PPI), that whatever is perceived by the senses is immediately perceived.
The piece is called Butterfly, 2005, and it conflates the passions of the sports fan and the lepidopterist.
But even here the work lacks context and Silverman conflates Labour as a political party with laborers as a group.
Throughout her film, Klodawsky conflates interviews with elderly couples who were ironically brought together by the Holocaust with archival footage and ultra--romantic re--enactments of her subjects' experiences.
Pugh + Scarpa's crisply elegant remodelling of a 1940s shop in the Bergamot Station district of Santa Monica (AR March 2001) conflates three retail premises to provide space for two quite different programmes: a training centre for court reporters and a small dance rehearsal studio for a performance group.
Thus, in his funeral homily for Ben Black Elk (200-204), the author conflates the "Black Elk tradition" with his own catechesis about Christ and the pipe.
Fischlin shows that a number of these lyrics focus first on the personas experience of passion, then move to his acknowledgment of "the other." This movement, Fischlin asserts, conflates private emotion with non-private, exterior meditation, thereby betraying the lyric's ultimate inability to represent fully either the experience of passion or the precise nature of the object of that passion.