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Synonyms for confiscate

Synonyms for confiscate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Synonyms for confiscate

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

surrendered as a penalty

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In its judgment, the district court denied that TCF's takings claim is subject to the "just and reasonable" test under the confiscatory rate doctrine.
Moore makes a compelling case that fairness does not mean confiscatory taxation and promotion of class warfare.
"Support is coming from a slightly weaker dollar and a better tone to global equities, although shares in Asia fell earlier today on worries that the resolution to the crisis in Cyprus has set a confiscatory precedent that puts depositors and bond holders in other peripheral Europe countries at risk," said Addison Armstrong at traders Tradition Energy.
Cypriot banks remain closed until Thursday and the Cypriot Parliament is to vote later today on the levy, though it is unclear that there are sufficient votes in favour of the measures (though the vote might be delayed again).The reaction in the financial markets has generally been negative and many commentators have condemned the confiscatory nature of the move.
Isn't he leading us down the road to socialism--a world of death panels and Kafkaesque bureaucracy, confiscatory taxation and supercentralism?
For that reason, and because the impact of tax laws aren't looked at systematically, the wealthy "instinctively oppose any increase in their taxes, fearing that acquiescing even to a limited extent might leave them open to a haphazard series of tax increases that, in combination, could amount to confiscatory taxation," Shiller says.
A letter in March 1 News extols the virtue of representing the sad, beleaguered rich in these times of "class envy and confiscatory taxation, something (he) finds offensive to the basic tenets of our Constitution."
In its most recent brief in the case, TCF argued that the exemption renders an already confiscatory law un-just as well as unconstitutional.
But we also got hospital closures, severe rationing, long waiting lists, outdated equipment, confiscatory taxes, and looming bankruptcy.
Why then should the government demand that many of these families pay Death Taxes at confiscatory rates for assets that were already taxed when they were earned?
Babies are dying, the very definition of marriage is under attack, the financial underpinnings of families are being destroyed by confiscatory taxation, and children of all ages are being taught wickedness and every form of godlessness.
A confiscatory policy, like in singapore, where cars more than a few years old must be destroyed or exported does work.
THE Fly on the Wall alighted on the best horseracing website in the US, the Paulick Report, the other day and found this comment on an item by the host: "At the track, not only do you pay to park, to walk in the dilapidated gate to the dilapidated facility, pay confiscatory prices for what is jokingly referred to as food, warm beer, information and programs, and - to top it off - you have to pay 20 per cent or more to make a wager.
Fleischer would suggest this is a small, but inadequate step to curb the confiscatory redistribution of the tax code.