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indicating existence or presence of a suspected condition or pathogen

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When confirming the RM2 million deposit, he referred to the June 14, 2016 Hong Leong Islamic Bank cheque with the cheque number 136822 for RM2 million as issued out by Aset Kayamas.
The move had been teased at the end of May when the Japanese side accidentally posted an article on their website confirming Torres' arrival.
Resident individuals may bring into Ukraine cash in the amount exceeding EUR 10 thousand (or the equivalent in another currency) subject to its full declaration in writing at the customs office and the provision of documents confirming withdrawals of cash from accounts with financial institutions and receipts confirming FX transactions with the cash, if any, for the amount exceeding EUR 10,000 or its equivalent.
The Department of National Defense (DND) is now confirming reports that there are foreign terrorists operating in Mindanao.
On Tuesday, the Al Sumaria News broadcaster and UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the ISIL issued a statement confirming al-Baghdadi's death.
But one fan has raised the hopes of many again, as he uploaded on Twitter a scan of a Japanese confirming the production of the successful anime.
"We are not confirming and we are not commenting on speculation on where they may be going on their private honeymoon, we are just confirming that they have gone," he said.
Ensure that new vendors are legitimate entities and not shell companies or phantom vendors by confirming their existence in the public domain.
The form needs to be signed by the gravely ill person, or his or her legal representative, confirming that the caregiver is "like a family member."