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Synonyms for confirmed

Synonyms for confirmed

subject to a disease or habit for a long time

Antonyms for confirmed

of persons

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having been established or made firm or received the rite of confirmation


References in classic literature ?
Instead of reporting a plan requiring the confirmation OF THE LEGISLATURES OF ALL THE STATES, they have reported a plan which is to be confirmed by the PEOPLE, and may be carried into effect by NINE STATES ONLY.
But the poor child that had been confirmed was quite ashamed; he looked at his wooden shoes, pulled at the short sleeves of his jacket, and said that he was afraid he could not walk so fast; besides, he thought that the bell must be looked for to the right; for that was the place where all sorts of beautiful things were to be found.
The red colors above faded away as the sun vanished, but a million stars were lighted, a million lamps shone; and the King's Son spread out his arms towards heaven, and wood, and sea; when at the same moment, coming by a path to the right, appeared, in his wooden shoes and jacket, the poor boy who had been confirmed with him.
He felt half sorry at first that he had been confirmed himself.
It cuts both ways somehow, being confirmed and taking the Sacrament.
But he had been told that all men die; he had asked people, indeed, whom he trusted, and they too, had confirmed it; his old nurse, too, said the same, though reluctantly.
I then proceeded to make a careful examination of the room, which confirmed me in my opinion as to the murderer's height, and furnished me with the additional details as to the Trichinopoly cigar and the length of his nails.
Firm believers in Jesus, the sacraments, and the church, the children want to be confirmed and their parents are happy to help them.
15 applies to entities emerging from chapter 11 that do not qualify for fresh-start reporting, the carrying amount of liabilities compromised by confirmed plans would not be adjusted unless future cash payments designated as either principal or interest were less than the compromised liability's carrying amount.
Clinical and laboratory data for this patient suggest that he had an SFG rickettsial infection that was confirmed by 3 different testing methods: serologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular based.
American's new Confirmed Flight Change product adds new dimensions of convenience for customers.
The report could not be confirmed, although investigators said they had not ruled out looking for substances other than alcohol.
Human granulocytic ehrlichiosis in Italy: first report on two confirmed cases.
One complete response, confirmed to be PET-negative, was deemed by the independent radiologists' assessments to be qualified because the index lesion was in an area that had received prior radiation (a technical protocol violation).
It also assumed that the proportions of case-patients who 1) sought medical attention, 2) provided a specimen for fecal culture, and 3) were confirmed as salmonellosis patients contributed equally to case ascertainment, but that these proportions differed for patients who experienced bloody diarrhea compared to those who experienced nonbloody diarrhea.