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  • verb

Synonyms for confirm

Synonyms for confirm

to make firmer in a particular conviction or habit

to accept officially

Synonyms for confirm

make more firm

support a person for a position

administer the rite of confirmation to

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The new Confirm security label will allow manufacturers and distributors to certify their products as authentic and then let wholesalers, retailers and end-consumers rapidly identify fakes.
On balance, the ruling confirms the general practice in the industry, allowing for increased flexibility in the matching process.
While vendors with voucher systems may say they are unable to confirm an entire balance, other vendors will acknowledge willingness to confirm a few transactions.
Timmins Nickel exploration confirms Langmuir ore body
To conserve samples we did not confirm positive results by RIBA but instead tested for virus in plasma by using a real-time reverse transcription (RT)-PCR assay for HCV RNA developed in our laboratory.
355-1(c) confirm that a right to acquire stock issued by a corporation that is a party to a reorganization is a security of the corporation with no principal amount.
If you really want to correct this situation, go back to before Pope Pius X -- confirm them in middle school and give them Eucharist at junior high age.
Once agreement is reached with creditors and shareholders and the plan is approved, the debtor files a petition hoping the court will confirm its restructuring plan.
The Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung (GSI) in Darmstadt, West Germany, has the facilities for observing such alpha spectra, and, according to Paul Kienle of GSI, the Dubna report prompted GSI experimenters to start attempts to confirm element 110.
Further studies are needed to isolate and establish this new pathogenic SFG rickettsial strain from humans to confirm our case report.
With American's Confirmed Flight Change, travelers can confirm a seat on an alternate flight the same day, within three hours of scheduled departure time of the alternate flight.
The new American Institute of CPAs standard form to confirm account balance information with financial institutions addresses only basic information about deposits and loans at a financial institution; it does not provide evidence about other matters that may require disclosure.