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Synonyms for confine

Synonyms for confine

to place a limit on

to shut in with or as if with bars


to enclose so as to hinder or prohibit escape

a demarcation point or boundary beyond which something does not extend or occur

the boundary surrounding a certain area

Synonyms for confine

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Raccogliendo l'invito, piu volte esplicitato dall'autrice in sede epistolare (Deledda 1945: 710, 712), a esplorare lo sviluppo dei suo pensiero, desidero porre al centro di queste considerazioni Sino al confine, un romanzo generalmente trascurato dalla critica e tuttavia particolarmente rappresentativo di questa coscienza metariflessiva.
Proprio nello spirito di tale interrogativo rifletteremo sulla narrativa deleddiana come scrittura pensante "al confine".
In this issue, Siegel talks to Argentinean artist Fabian Marcaccio about Confine Paintant, a $1,100-foot-long digital painting realized and installed on the beach in Ostend, Belgium, last spring.
Her goal: to create a place for lesbian art that breaks free from its typical marginal confines.
KEVIN Brennan is bold to suggest children be kept within the confines of the school yard during lunchtime.
Bawa spent the next 40 years developing a direction for himself which was never rigid, and which became a humanist architecture with an influence well beyond the confines of Sri Lanka.
Within the confines of time and space, a pilgrimage enables us to realize that, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, we are capable of also finding God, if only we venture to seek him out.
"If the proposed new rules for Confined Spaces in Construction are implemented, they will change significantly the way employers and employees work in and around confines spaces," said Kathy Romans, chairperson of the NASSCO health and safety committee.
The dot confines electrons to a region within a thin layer of a semiconductor or metal.
In other words, particles heap up on one side of the ring that confines them.
One way of maintaining a light beam's intensity for longer distances is to focus the beam into an optical fiber, which confines the light and keeps the beam from broadening as it travels along the glassy strand.