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Synonyms for confine

Synonyms for confine

to place a limit on

to shut in with or as if with bars


to enclose so as to hinder or prohibit escape

a demarcation point or boundary beyond which something does not extend or occur

the boundary surrounding a certain area

Synonyms for confine

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Thus, in construing human consciousness as ultimate consciousness, we fall prey to a slough of despair: believing that our own, incomplete understanding of life is the only understanding of life, that the universe does not exceed the often paltry confines of human interpretation.
Confine Paintant is almost like a crime scene, a forensic investigation.
All available criminal-justice resources have been used for prison construction, and psychiatric hospitals that confine garden-variety mentally ill offenders are a thing of the past.
In Slonem's recent paintings, birds - symbols of the human soul - point to the need to create a space for the spiritual and to the increasingly narrow confines that it inhabits.
The state has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the person it seeks to confine meets the law's criteria as a sexually violent predator.
Result: the Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act of 1994, which provides a way to use mental institutions to confine rapists, pedophiles and other dangerous sex offenders beyond their prison terms.
They're like little test tubes in which we can peform reactions or confine the growth of a material placed inside it sort of like a cast or mold," says Ghadiri.
Researchers create quantum dots by building semiconductor structures that confine electrons to a volume only a few nanometers across.
NEW ORLEANS -- Amid the narrow streets and intimate confines of New Orleans' French Quarter, a4 gargantuan hotel would be as out of place as a temperance league chapter.
At Oak Ridge, Magee has been a "good institutional citizen" who functioned well within the confines of the maximum security division.
Her goal: to create a place for lesbian art that breaks free from its typical marginal confines.