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Synonyms for confine

Synonyms for confine

to place a limit on

to shut in with or as if with bars


to enclose so as to hinder or prohibit escape

a demarcation point or boundary beyond which something does not extend or occur

the boundary surrounding a certain area

Synonyms for confine

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words denoting natural phenomena (without confinable boundaries), e.
Although the SARS outbreak appeared to be confinable with stringent infectious control procedures, the epidemic challenge generated by SARS may continue to affect health care practices.
With their intrinsic promise, a promise not confinable to any particularity, 'universal' human rights provide a present instantiation of Nietzsche's third response to the death of God.
Far less predictable and confinable, though, were those performances, such as the humorous lecture, that negotiated a different course and were energized by unexpected political and cultural forces.
For infectious diseases such as smallpox, they could be the difference between a confinable outbreak and an epidemic.