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organized so as to give configuration to

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Your wireless access point now is configured and you can close the Web browser.
To increase security, an access point can be configured with a list of the MAC addresses associated with the client computers that are allowed access to the network.
By offering the flexibility of systems with high battery runtimes through battery cabinets, or with a space-saving design with the batteries housed in the cabinet, the Powerware 9320 can be configured to the IT manager's specific needs," said Darrick Finan, director of product management, Invensys Powerware.
When downloading an image file, the imaging software searches the database for the Alias/Name of the PC being configured.
All of L's computer systems are exclusively configured with a safe area to store personal files away from the operating system.
Marketing Analytics Solution-- Configured Spotfire DXP solution for improving campaign effectiveness and accelerating campaign execution with links to major campaign management systems.
The book, published by Morgan Kaufmann, provides SOC designers with a practical introduction to three basic techniques of modern SOC design: use of optimized standard CPU and DSP processors cores, application-specific configuration of processor cores, and system-level design of SOCs using configured cores as the key building block.
BAMports can be either configured to automatically compare current KPI values with KPI performance ranges, and adjust the process based on the results of this comparison, or allow the business user to use a dial or switch to change the process based on personal judgment.
GORE SEAMGUARD(R) Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement configured for open surgical staplers is composed of a copolymer glycolide (PGA) and trimethylene carbonate (TMC) microporous structure with an extensive history of safety in sutures, surgical meshes and implantable devices.
Once configured, each PacketShaper automatically subscribes to the PolicyCenter directory server and receives its complete configurations and policies.
FlexSnap: SI is a powerful Java servlet/applet combination configured to integrate seamlessly with content or document management systems.
In Bridge Repeater mode, both WLAN interfaces are configured as LAN-to-LAN bridge interfaces; in AP Repeater mode, one WLAN interface is configured as an AP interface, and the other is configured as a LAN-to-LAN bridge interface; and in Dual AP mode, both WLAN interfaces are configured as AP interfaces.
Configured for the Powerful Sky Mexico Service, KVH's Marine TracVision Antennas Provide Satellite TV Reception Previously Unavailable with Smaller Antennas
Primary Response is centrally managed, designed to operate almost completely independent of IT administration, enabling it to be quickly deployed and configured to effectively scale across hundreds of enterprise servers with unmatched manageability and performance.
The 500 servers were installed, configured and delivered at the rate of one every 36 seconds using The Planet's proprietary automated provisioning system.