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the state of being secret

discretion in keeping secret information

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Protection of confidentiality of business transaction is essential for injecting competitiveness in business activities.
Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the Group and the Confidential Committee of the Units have been working on the center and serving the overall situation to promote the work of confidentiality to a new level and realize the goal of non-disclosure events and give full play to the service guarantee function of confidentiality work.
It is also preferable for a confidentiality agreement to be signed prior to such disclosure, even though its purpose is to cover information already disclosed.
Unless there is basis for believing that an investigation may be corrupted for one of these reasons, requiring employee confidentiality will most likely be unlawful under the NLRA.
Medivation also confirmed that it entered into a confidentiality agreement with French drugmaker Sanofi and that Sanofi agreed to terminate its consent solicitation.
Absolute privacy, that is to say complete confidentiality of all information that the patient reveals to the healthcare provider, is neither possible nor desirable in the practice of medicine.
A typical confidentiality order requires only that an opposing party request that designated information be kept under seal; it does not require the court to grant the request.
The right and correlative duty of confidentiality also obtains within the attorney-client relationship.
The chart in Appendix A analyzes the differing rules on privacy and confidentiality for these tribunals.
inseparable link between arbitration and confidentiality derives from
However, Baransu published several documents in his column on Monday which reveal that the government had lifted the confidentiality of other MGK documents to be published in dailies close to the ruling party.
The confidentiality of client information has become increasingly more important in the following situations:
Few legal concepts in international arbitration are more indefinite in nature, dubious in scope and uncertain in inexistence than confidentiality," which lacks "conceptual uniformity and shows clear limitations," according to the author of this volume, who seeks to bring greater coherence to the issue through an analysis of the concept of confidentiality as reflected by the most important arbitration rules, national laws, other arbitration-related enactments, and practices of arbitral tribunals and domestic courts around the world.
Confidentiality remains an integral, a time-honored feature within the patient--psychotherapist relationship.
The tenet of confidentiality is so central to the ethical practice of medicine that Hippocrates incorporated it into his oath for physicians in the late 5th century B.
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