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an indication of potential opportunity

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The company says that using this technology would make it easier and more convenient to implement biometric authentication to verify the identity of a person accessing confidential information managed on the Internet.
If the company has a policy that prohibits employees from emailing confidential information to a personal device or email account but supervisors routinely allow or ignore the practice, the company has very little hope of safeguarding its confidential information.
When the client offered her a job, she accepted, knowing that there was a clause in her contract with Caterpillar that meant she could not discuss the confidential information outside the company, but there was nothing to stop her from taking up the new job.
Secure the physical environment which includes steps such as restricting access to servers, routers and other network technology, to those whose job responsibilities require access; keeping an equipment inventory; locking file cabinets and offices that store sensitive information; labeling all documents containing trade secret or confidential information as "Confidential"; cross shredding all paper documents containing sensitive information; and making sure that all magnetic media data is erased before discarding
To provide the highest level of protection for employees, clients, confidential information, and physical assets, tenants must have electronic security systems installed in their offices and enlist experts to operate and manage these security systems on an ongoing basis.
Should the company elect to waive the privilege protection, it may reveal confidential information that you, as an employee, conveyed to counsel, even if doing so may expose you individually to criminal or civil consequences.
In the initial collaborative project, HitachiSoft has launched "Rights Core for HIBUN", a solution to protect confidential information developed with Microsoft(R) Windows Rights Management Services (RMS).
VALENCIA - College of the Canyons board members will consider censuring one of their own Wednesday for public and private disclosures of confidential information they contend he made, according to board papers.
CinTel's new security solution prevents leakage of confidential information via web mail, email, web hard, blog or bulletin boards.
Hy-Drive claims that CHEC and GlobalTech misappropriated material proprietary and confidential information regarding the company's Hydrogen Generating System (HGS) technology.
Employers can protect themselves by understanding their rights under trade secret laws, which protect businesses from theft of confidential information.
School counselors are expected to adhere to the moral principle of nonmaleficence when trying to make decisions about communicating confidential information.
Don't leave confidential information on your desk when you are absent from your office--even for a short time.
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