confidence trick

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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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DAVOS, Switzerland: Iran Thursday stepped up attempts to normalize its relations with the West with a Davos charm offensive that was immediately attacked by Israel as a confidence trick.
It may be unfair to describe fiat money as a confidence trick but it is certainly a trick of confidence.
The end result has been a confidence trick of truly gigantic proportions, played upon an unsuspecting public that has expressed very strong concern for maintaining, and even strengthening, environmental protections.
We echo that - please make sure you do not fall victim to this lowest form of confidence trick.
IN answer to P Wilson (CT letters 29/01/16), who says that the National Lottery is the biggest confidence trick of recent times.
But Stevie's confident words May be a confidence trick It's the lack of guts and talent That make the Toon Army sick We know that football coaching Is Steve McLaren's 'schtick' But confident words in this mess Float just like a brick
It is a cynical confidence trick to make the public think they have a choice.
SIR - Your correspondent Dr Hawkridge accurately traces the development of the EU over the last half century, from its inception as The Iron and Steel Community, but he appears to see this as some confidence trick played on people like himself, who confine their interest to trade between nations.
ENGLAND are pulling out all the stops to find the confidence trick that will prevent their batsmen from having a meltdown against spin.
A huge money spinning confidence racket and confidence trick.
A smooth-talking operator tried to pull off a remarkable confidence trick, allowing bankers to be paid whatever bonus they liked.
It has recently been suggested that the cash offers are little more than a confidence trick and there are fears they encourage fraud.
Judge Hone told McCormick: "What you perpetrated was a callous confidence trick.
But Geraldine said: "This report is a sham, a whitewash, a confidence trick dressed up as independent scrutiny.
lt;p>Banking, despite complaints by some commentators around the world in the wake of the financial crisis, is not a confidence trick but it may be described as a trick of confidence.