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Synonyms for confidante

one in whom secrets are confided

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

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a female confidant

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If he had been "raging like a bear," Polly would n't have cared, she was so pleased that he wanted her, and so glad to be a confidante, as she used to be in the happy old days, that she would joyfully have faced a much more formidable person than reckless Tom.
For thirty years she had lived on, fading slowly, but cheerful, busy, and full of interest in all that went on in the family; especially the joys and sorrows of the young girls growing up about her, and to them she was adviser, confidante, and friend in all their tender trials and delights.
The little bustling, active, cheerful creature existed entirely within herself, talked to herself, made a confidante of herself, was as sarcastic as she could be, on people who offended her, by herself; pleased herself, and did no harm.
Mrs Honour was likewise despatched with Mrs Etoff on the same errand of pleasure; and thus her own house was left free for the safe reception of Mr Jones, with whom she promised herself two or three hours of uninterrupted conversation after her return from the place where she dined, which was at a friend's house in a pretty distant part of the town, near her old place of assignation, where she had engaged herself before she was well apprized of the revolution that had happened in the mind and morals of her late confidante.
She had little Laura Martin home for the holidays; and my belief is, she made a confidante of her, and promised that Laura should come and live with her when she was married, and gave Laura a great deal of information regarding the passion of love, which must have been singularly useful and novel to that little person.
I had no recourse, no friend, no confidante but my old governess, and I knew no remedy but to put my life in her hands, and so I did, for I let her know where to send to me, and had several letters from her while I stayed here.
Weston depended, and felt, that to be the favourite and intimate of a man who had so many intimates and confidantes, was not the very first distinction in the scale of vanity.
Now, my best of confidantes," said Richard, "I want my cousin Ada to understand that I am not captious, fickle, and wilful about John Jarndyce, but that I have this purpose and reason at my back.
These are among the troubling findings of a new survey released by consulting firm Executive Confidante.
Her inner circle of people she trusts is getting smaller and smaller and he is her number one confidante.
And not even a bit of friendly advice from Cameron's new confidante Chas, nor a night in the B&B helps Cameron get past his jealousy over her carrying Andy's baby - strangely enough.
Of course, such betrayal is even more difficult to stomach when the betrayer has been a close friend or confidante.
And although Jewell has opted not to return to the JJB Stadium to replace sacked Chris Hutchings, he is still Whelan's closest confidante and will help his ex-employer choose the new manager.
Meanwhile, Jonathan (Rafe Spall), who's engaged to Lucy's equally sensuous confidante Mina (Stephanie Leonidas), is dispatched to Transylvania to meet Dracula (Marc Warren), whom we first meet as an old panting geezer with long stringy hair, yellowing claws for fingernails and a predilection for sucking on photographs of pretty young things.
The vessel Confidante was used in a support role to the Togmore laybarge.