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the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meeting

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The table will go on display at the World Museum Code: ph080211table-9 Silas Birtwistle with his conference table made from driftwood Pictures: PAUL HEAPS/ph080211table-3
SUBJECT: King Arthur and the PMs of the Round Conference Table
Aqua dining or conference table by Zaha Hadid for Established & Sons.
From the last room a chatter permeating all the galleries was revealed to be recorded voices from a fake art dinner emanating from beneath Thierry Mouille's Le Banquet, 2001, an insipidly conceived work consisting of a U-shaped conference table set with white paper and plastic picnic utensils.
But the painfully formulaic ``X&Y'' sounds like an album made at a conference table by a corporate committee of yes-men.
Many executive teams sit around the conference table, beginning the budgeting process for the fiscal year and comparing their performance from year to year.
MARGATE held on for a gutsy victory to leapfrog Burton in the Conference table, despite having to play for an hour with 10 men.
Sitting next to Naylor on the conference table was a stack of papers about eight inches high--the 681-page final bill.
The work created for the program tends to be brief (seven minutes max), fun, and inventive, such as a piece by Isaacs and Margaret Paek with dancers in business suits doing deadpan clowning around a conference table, or Epifano's hilarious hotel performance, in which she stood on the bed, sang a goofy song, and played the accordion.
I can just see all the in-fighting to see who gets to sit in the best spots around the conference table.
Linebacker II was the December 1972 bombing campaign that forced the North Vietnamese back to the conference table and led to the release of American POWs.
He spends much of his day seated at the round conference table -- going over new projects, meeting with Kahala Mall tenants or talking to prospective businesses.
Kettering, bottom of the Conference table, could have taken the lead on eight minutes but wing-back Phil Brown fired narrowly wide.
For three nonstop days, we sat around a horseshoe-shaped conference table and heard 60 pitches, almost all for the ever-threatened point-of-view documentary.
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