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the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meeting

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The table will go on display at the World Museum Code: ph080211table-9 Silas Birtwistle with his conference table made from driftwood Pictures: PAUL HEAPS/ph080211table-3
Burton Albion on the other hand will be looking to finish the season on a high with a good run to push them up the Conference table.
The coffered ceiling and alabaster pendant lighting define a more formal setting for the large conference table which is outfitted with integrated voice and data ports.
SUBJECT: King Arthur and the PMs of the Round Conference Table
The conference table is covered with reports and charts while the wails are adorned with relief maps he uses regularly to show where projects are taking place or are planned.
Aqua dining or conference table by Zaha Hadid for Established & Sons.
ROBBIE WILLIAMS sang the right tune to keep Accrington in the No.1 spot in the Conference table with a last-gasp winner to sink battling Burton.
From the last room a chatter permeating all the galleries was revealed to be recorded voices from a fake art dinner emanating from beneath Thierry Mouille's Le Banquet, 2001, an insipidly conceived work consisting of a U-shaped conference table set with white paper and plastic picnic utensils.
CHRIS TODD'S injury-time strike at DAGENHAM preserved EXETER'S unbeaten start to the season but was not enough to overhaul Grays Athletic at the top of the Conference table.
Many executive teams sit around the conference table, beginning the budgeting process for the fiscal year and comparing their performance from year to year.
The Cumbrians are unbeaten this season and, having climbed to third place in the Conference table on Saturday by thrashing Aldershot 5-0 away, have made an impressive start to their push for a return to the Football League.
There is no software to install in order to replace your mouse with an interactive pen and monitor The built-in adjustable stand changes the viewing and writing angle far use at a podium, desk or conference table. The unit also features built-in speakers
Sitting next to Naylor on the conference table was a stack of papers about eight inches high--the 681-page final bill.
The work created for the program tends to be brief (seven minutes max), fun, and inventive, such as a piece by Isaacs and Margaret Paek with dancers in business suits doing deadpan clowning around a conference table, or Epifano's hilarious hotel performance, in which she stood on the bed, sang a goofy song, and played the accordion.
I can just see all the in-fighting to see who gets to sit in the best spots around the conference table.
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