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Synonyms for conference

Synonyms for conference

a meeting for the exchange of views

a formal assemblage of the members of a group

an exchanging of views

an exchange of views in an attempt to reach a decision

a group of athletic teams that play each other

the act of conferring, as of an honor

Synonyms for conference

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These positive perceptions regarding the student-led conference model may support theories that see this new conference model as increasing student sell-efficacy.
In addition to the assessment of students' perceptions of the student-led conference, students were presented with a series of three independent and three comparison questions to determine whether they perceived teacher-set goals or self-set goals to be more challenging.
American Conference Institute: Reinsurance Boot Camp, Basic Training for Insurance & Reinsurance Professionals, Jan.
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies: Claims Conference, Feb.
Information: Katie Banham, Conference Secretariat, Wessex Institute of Technology, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AA, 44-(0)-238-029-3223, fax: 44-(0)-238-029-2853, e-mail: kbanham@wessex.
4th International Conference & Exhibition on Traditional Medicine, April 11-13, 2005, in Dakar, Senegal, http://www.
In many cases, the argument for conferencing had to be put far more persuasively if work colleagues were voluntarily to attend a conference.
American Occupational Therapy Association's 84th Annual Conference and Exposition
The audio-only conference remains the format most popular with publishers.
There will be conference games that it's just (as) easy for our fans to go to the other school as it is to our own place.
The web-based conference partnering system is now live and registered attendees can access it at www.
Information: Conference Planning Team, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, 1600 Clifton Road, Mailstop E-52, Atlanta, GA 30333 USA, 404-639-8225, e-mail: NIPNIC@cdc.
Key words: responsive regulation, restorative justice, family group conference, child welfare, child protection
IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events, announced that Macworld Conference & Expo[R] will kick off next week in San Francisco at the Moscone Center.