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Synonyms for conferee

one who participates in a conference

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a person on whom something is bestowed

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a member of a conference

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The House and Senate have passed their plans to overhaul the tax code and conferees now have the responsibility to reconcile differences between the two.
Ahmed expected that the dialogue's general assembly and the conciliators wouldn't need to work to approve certain issues because the conferees have reached full agreement, pointing that 99% of the committees have completed their work and handed over their recommendations.
He said that the conferees also called for supporting the native administration.
He added: "The conferees also agreed on the need to combat the phenomena of corruption, and radical reforms and strategy in all sectors of the state through clear mechanisms and ways, and within specific timing; in order to ensure the success of the work of the next government.
He noted that the proposal was well-received by the conferees.
On the Democratic side, the conferees will be Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow, along with Sens.
That could be a sticking point for House conferees, who along with Aycock include state Reps.
The conferees called on member countries to activate and update agreements on terror prevention and focus on building Arab societies based on agriculture, industry and services as a step to reduce crime.
Conferees said that industrial investments contribute to reducing immigration.
The conferees issued a joint statement expressing "concern at intimidations and condemn(ed) attempts to hinder the work of the STL.
While the financial regulatory reform legislation approved in the House did not address swipe-fee reform, the Senate conferees stood firm in their insistence that some version of the amendment introduced by Sen.
Third, the Marriott is offering conferees deeply discounted room rates, as well as several additional discounts.
org, containing relevant information for conferees and exhibitors about Pittcon 2009, which will take place in Chicago, Illinois, McCormick Place, March 8-13, 2009.
The May 9 action was triggered by the House's decision the day before to name conferees to negotiate a final budget resolution with conferees from the Senate.
House-Senate Appropriation Committee conferees met November 7 and agreed to a common position on Fiscal Year 2006 funding for the U.