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Synonyms for conferee

one who participates in a conference

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a person on whom something is bestowed

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a member of a conference

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Any conferee who does not support the agreement is not required to sign the signature sheets, and usually does not do so.
Hardrock miners hit some bad luck when Senate and House Conferees met to solve the differences between their respective versions of the Interior appropriations bill for FY 2000.
Once the conferee has been determined to primarily belong to the visual, auditory, or kinesthetic communication modality, the school administrator will then adapt to the appropriate modality for effective communication - Now comes the challenge for the administrator.
The six-day Conference and Exposition was attended by conferees and exhibitors representing 85 countries.
Talks on the bill will not resume until March 28--with Congress looking to finish work by early April, several conferees say.
When Congress returns in September, conferees will once again try to reach an agreement on the highway and transit legislation.
Even if the conferees are able to reach agreement on a final bill, he said, he doubted it could get through the Senate.
Continued failure to reach agreement on an overall funding level for a six-year transportation reauthorization bill threatens to snuff out the last flicker of hope that House and Senate conferees can complete a bill before the Congressional summer recess that begins July 26.
Republican Medicare conferees still were at an impasse Oct.
After months of uncertainty that Medicare conferees would be able to reach agreement on the major differences between the House- and Senate-passed Medicare prescription drug bills, the conferees expressed confidence Oct.
Don Nickles (R-OK), a conferee, was said to have persuaded conferees to consider a scaled-back plan on grounds the nation could not afford providing the drug benefit to all seniors because of the escalating federal deficit and the president's request for an additional $87 billion for reconstruction in the Middle East (Liability & Insurance Week, Sept.
Alabdul Jelil, head of the Kuwaiti delegation at the session, said he and his fellow conferees discussed a host of issues, during the meeting, including a report by the Arab League Secretary General on following up on implementing resolutions of the 100th session.
Throwing the equivalent of a political "Hail Mary," the Independent Community Bankers of America is asking House-Senate conferees on the tax overhaul bill to reconsider their decision to leave the credit union tax exemption intact.
NNA - The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, headed by Party President, Sami Gemayel, discussed the latest local developments and issued a statement at the end of the deliberations, in which conferees underlined the role of the Lebanese Army in fighting terrorism and preserving Lebanon's sovereignty, security and stability and protecting the borders.