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Kernels infected by rust can be damaged and discolored and are therefore unlikely to meet grading standards established by the industry for confection sunflower seeds.
Our goal is to help retailers increase sales and profit in the confection category.
The TicaPAN Coating System is an innovative solution for binding and strengthening the sugar and sugar alcohol shells in panned confections.
Prindable's has added a new line of handmade confections to its online candy cupboard.
Blige's 33rd birthday, Dennis constructed a confection that represented her style and achievements.
This division has demonstrated its ability to harness knowledge in mainstream confection production and produce products with health platforms that meet stringent consumer taste requirements.
The courses train local people in the music business and Confection nights are a chance to organise, market and stage a concert.
HA 323 is a confection maintainer line and RHA 324 is a confection restorer line released by the USDA-ARS and the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 1985 (3,4).
The out-there Maggie and Judy (who sings a tartly defiant anthem called "I'm Not a Fucking Drag Queen") inflame resident bigots at every turn, but since Better Than Chocolate is ultimately a soft-centered confection, there is always somebody around to save their butts when the going gets too rough.
Teller Archibald in 1920, Fannie May[R] has grown from a single retail store on Chicago's North LaSalle Street to become a maker of gourmet chocolates and other top-quality confections enjoyed by millions.
A spokesman for the CFS said, "The CFS collected a sample of soft ice-cream in milk flavour from a retail outlet with a frozen confection factory licence in Kowloon City for testing.
Les participants au colloque international sur la confection d'un dictionnaire monolingue en tamazight tenu a Bejaia, ont recommande la confection d'un [beaucoup moins que] tresor de langue amazighe, reunissant tout le vocabulaire des parlers amazighs et ce, a travers des enquetes linguistiques [beaucoup plus grand que].
com)-- Today pure+paleo is pleased to announce their clean confection line of chocolate pyramid treats.
La region verra la reouverture prochainement de l'atelier de confection a Menzel Bouzayene (80emploisdirects) et l'augmentation du budget du "groupe Delice Danone" de 28 a 80 millions de dinars, sachant que la briqueterie de Menzel Bouzayene et la cimenterie de la delegation El Mazouna ont paracheve toutes les procedures administratives.
Filled with slow-cooked pureed Granny Smith apples, this white chocolate confection is flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, and sweet cream butter.