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Using no reference: In the no reference condition, each DPT received just the four models with the prepared replica, with no guidance as to how confect the laminate veneer.
The Danish store interiors supplier Expedit A/S said on Monday (7 August) that it has agreed to sell its shares in associated design and shop fitting company Confect A/S to Confect's founder and main shareholder Klaus Nielsen.
Vatican II reminded us that it's the Christian community that celebrates the Eucharist; that the priest is praying to the Spirit to confect the Eucharist for the community of faith.
Who could confect a more gross libel on a whole people?
An impressive roster of Francophone thesps join forces with Green's ensemble of regular cast and crew to confect witty but weird, tragedy-tinged tale involving philosophers and musicians, suicide and surrealism.
The only things priests have going for them anymore is the power to confect the Eucharist, so they guard this privilege jealously.
Not even Lanny Davis has been able to confect an explanation for this discrepancy.
Congress would be forced to confect responsible fiscal policy.
2m single gold wires--some 28 km of wire in total--and has taken 1,250 hours to confect.
The New York Times on June 10 ran a desperate story entitled "A Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorist, a False Tweet and a Runaway Story," which, in typical liberal-left doublemindedness, confects a silly conspiracy theory to condemn "conspiracy theory.
He said the National Sports policy 2005 needs to be reviewed in light of international standards and be amended to be coherent to International Olympics Association Charter to avoid situations of confects.
The index case of Foerian Alernation was, of course, the popular Everything Is Illuminated (2002), in which a young writer with the same name as the book's author confects a magical, technicolor vision of a Ukranian shtetl that owes more to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the fables of Jorge Luis Borges than to anything that Jews have ever said or done.
While there may be a hint of snobbery in Shelmerdine's distancing himself from 'the conclusions of academics [like Samuel Hynes] who have concentrated on "high" literature', the news from the British popular-culture front is that most of it propagates conservative sentiments, nourishes its consumers' conviction that foreigners are funny, and confects an image of Spain top-heavy with bullfighters, fatalistic hidalgos, lottery-ticket touts and manana-oriented layabouts.
Nonetheless, in a world in which the village priest daily confects the full reality of Christ at the altar in the Eucharist, in which Marian apparitions are as unquestioned as biblical miracles, in which only the thinnest of veils separates the world of the spirit from that of daily existence, anything is possible.
Like its predecessor Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows confects a smoky, overcast Victorian world, infuses it with an air of jocular, hairy laddishness and stages a lot of fights in fussy and tiresome slow motion.